How Alexis Oladipo Turned Her Life Around From Being A Cleaner To Having Her Own Healthy Food Range In The UK




29-year-old, Alexis Oladipo, has a degree in media and culture from Roehampton University, but was unable to secure  the job she wanted after graduation, after sometime she had to settle for a job as an office cleaner.

After almost one year of waking up at 3am to start cleaning at 4am – she feel into depression and anxiety, she had no money, had an emotional breakup, two medical procedures and lost a lot of weight.

Through it all she was praying and seeking God’s plan.

Alexis had an ‘aha moment’, after visiting the gym one day. She noticed that there was nothing healthy they could get to eat in the vicinity of the gym.

Alexis reignited her love for making food and then came up with the idea of creating a food product for people struggling to maintain a healthy diet, work and social life.

With help from a charity organisation and several hours of attending business seminars and workshops, she started Gym Bites – freshly-made meals served in jars.

She launched the range of healthy salads last year with three varieties – Pack-A-Protein Chicken Salad, Oh-Mega! Prawn Salad and Green Supreme Broccoli Salad.

Six months after the  launch, Gym Bites was approached by Selfridges asking to stock it, after they saw their product on instagram

Alexis said she will forever cherish the day she saw her product on the shelf.


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