If You Don’t Want To Get ‘Old’ Don’t Hang Around Old People | Here’s Why!


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Many women, when asked how old they are decline to disclose that magic number for a number of reasons. Depending on who’s asking the question, they make a quick judgement about the motive, lots of thought run through their minds and they want to leave a good impression of themselves. If they are over thirty, still single and no thriving career, they look down on themselves considering they haven’t achieved anything in life. If they are under 30 and have all the boxes ticked, they are usually proud to announce all they have achieved at a really young age.

While many beauty products and spa treatments continue to offer us new and possible therapies to defy aging. The hard truth is that beauty queens still grow old and wrinkle. It’s an irony that many of these products contain parabens which are now being traced to a number of cancers. How do we solve one problem but inherit another? True beauty comes from the inside, it can’t be hidden, and you can’t make it up. A joyful and peaceful lady will spend less at the spa than a bitter and envious lady as external therapies are inadequate to resolve our inner troubles.

Whether you’re proud of your age or not isn’t as important as living the purpose God gave you when He sent you to Earth. So if you are scared of growing old, don’t hang around old people. Time is moving on fast but many haven’t. They want you stuck in the past and one day you wake up and you’re fifty and there isn’t much to show for it. Even if they are friends and family we respect but if hanging around them makes you think, act or look older, it’s time to move on.

Avoid people who have:


Old Ideas

We can’t afford to continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. If something isn’t working, try an alternative or change directions. Some will prefer to remain loyal to a person or cause at their own expense than step out and follow their gut. What’s not working for you, your finances, your health or your career, try something new and don’t get advice from risk-averse folks who think it can’t be done.


Old Crisis Yet Unresolved

We need to support friends or family who are going through a rough patch. They need to know we are going to be there in their hour of need. Let’s continue to pray they’ll move on in greater strength to face life whatever the circumstances. If they decide not to and you continue to spend so much time with them, they’ll run off on you and you might begin to think or act like them. Some ladies are unmarried because of a change in mindset as a result of spending tons of time with grumpy and angry married women.


Old Habits

We all struggle with one habit or the other. For some, it’s gluttony, eating more than they should, others, it’s living in debt, living above their means.  There’s no perfect person either but we want to be a better version of ourselves each passing year. If you hang around people who encourage your weakness, you’ll age faster than you plan. Don’t wait till you lose so much before you make that decision to cut off that friendship


No Plans For The Future

Nothing is constant in life and we are constantly reviewing plans. If you hang around people who have no future ambitions and all you do is eat, drink and while away time, you may wake up one day and there’s nothing to show for all your time, effort and resources. If the people you hang around don’t challenge you to be better, then you’re headed to the rocks. Some ladies have no plans for their lives and have put their lives in hold waiting to be married off.

Old Regrets

Sympathizing with people for tragedies that have happened could help them deal with their pain. If all your friends and families do when you’re with them is to pour out their woes and regrets, hope you learn from their mistakes and move on. The constant attention you give to listen to these takes could weigh you down. There are women who are divorced or lost great opportunities in their lives, all you’ll hear from them is regrets and pain, they are never happy and excited about life and you don’t want that rubbing off on you


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