In This Very Ungrateful Society, How Thankful Are You?



We live in a very ungrateful society and it’s not difficult to meet a lot of people who aren’t thankful. It’s a rainy day and everyone is upset how their plans have been ruined, the traffic was so hectic or their houses got flooded. It’s sunny and hot but many more complain, it’s unbearable and they wish they didn’t wear their velvet blazer to work.

During the last government, many people couldn’t wait for the election results to be announced, they couldn’t wait to breathe a sigh of relief. It’s been over a year and social media is awash with everything but praises for this new government. How did we get to this point? There’s no perfect situation and even in the midst of the chaos there’s always something to be thankful for.

So how thankful are you? As long as we think our intellect and skills have earned us a great job and our six-figure pay, we won’t be as grateful as we should be. Do you realize there are people much more experienced with multiple degrees even who have got a British accent (whether fake or authentic) that are jobless and live on handouts?

There are many who don’t have half of what you’ve acquired over the years but are joyful and peaceful. We hope that the more we have will make us comfortable but it hasn’t. The other day a lady asked her nanny if she’s had her lunch and her response was surprising. The nanny asked a question instead, ‘please what is lunch?’ There are many who are eating meals and they don’t know whether its lunch or dinner, some aren’t even guaranteed a meal at all but we scream at our nannies why the prawns aren’t as tasty or the blackberries served for desert are mushy.

A lady who was part of a team who helped in moving a neighbor received a tip of one thousand naira. The lady who gave her the cash said she had received over seven texts from her praying for her. It looked rather out of place for this lady and she was shocked how grateful this lady was and felt guilty if she should have even given her more.

You don’t need to go far to find any more reasons to be grateful, a drive through the slums in the neighborhoods downtown are a stark reminder of what we are all working hard to run away from. At the end of the day, the buses are so full almost tilting to one side with many who can only dream of having a car but never able to pay for one. They endure the hardship daily and spend a good part of their day inhaling the fumes hoping for another day.

While you select your fresh fruits and veggies for your smoothie, many have no access to these let alone seen fresh strawberries or broccoli. While you complain the wheat bread or croissants are finished in the store, tons of people out there have only known and will continue to eat ‘agege bread’. Why you contemplate whether to go to the gym after work or early in the day, many are bedridden in hospitals or driven around in wheelchairs and can only dream of a miracle when they will ever get to stand on both feet.

No matter what life throws at you, look for something to be grateful for. Your spouse might no longer be your prince in a shining armor but at least he’s responsible and pays the bills. Your job might be boring but at least you’re adding value and getting paid. Your kids might not be academically gifted but at least they are part of the school orchestra. Your nanny may not be smart and beautiful but at least she keeps your home clean and keeps up with the tasty meals.

Let’s be more thankful, keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll see and hear lots to be thankful for.

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