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An Open Letter To The Woman Who Bashed My Car And Ran Away



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Dear Woman who bashed my car and ran away,

I woke up sad that Friday morning.

I had lost my job some weeks before, I got to the office and my boss called me to his office and said it was going to be my last day. My eyes turned, it was as if I wanted to faint.

I managed to gather my things and went back home, I was in bed for most of that day, crying and praying and wondering what next.

My husband had died six months before I was sacked, I took some time off work to mourn and be emotionally stable enough to get back to work but it was really hard to concentrate at work when I got back. I would break down in tears while talking to clients and my work just deteriorated. For that six months they paid my salary even though I was in a mess.

I struggled and tried to be strong, for me and for my two adorable daughters that I had no idea how I was going to raise and fend for alone.

He didn’t leave much money behind; he was working hard for us and had gone to a meeting with a potential client when he had a car accident, he died and his car was damaged beyond repair.

I was flat broke.

I woke up that Friday morning feeling very sad, but I summoned all the courage I had to dress up and go attend an interview, my ex colleague had helped me arrange it with another firm. I have to get back to work for my children.

I got my children dressed up and off we all went, the plan was to drop them off at school, drop my househelp where she was going and go for my interview.

I got to their school, packed by the roadside like I always do and took them inside.

When I stepped out of the school, I couldn’t believe it was my car I was seeing.

My car was badly damaged with part of the bumper on the floor. I screamed looking around for the car that had caused this.

The gatemen in the buildings around said one woman hit my car and drove away.

Tears just started rolling down my eyes, from tears to sobs and then loud wails. I sat on the floor and cried. My househelp was shedding tears uncontrollably as she begged me to stop crying. “Mummy e jo e ma sun kun mo” she kept saying.

Some women rallied round me and took me under a tree; someone gave me pure water to wash my face. They couldn’t understand why I would cry so hard because someone hit my car.

“Is it your husband’s car? Did you take it without his permission?” One of them asked.

I was finally able to catch my breath and told them I just lost my husband and was just too broke to repair a car damaged by someone else. I need that car to take my children to school for christsake!

They helped me get my car off the road with sympathy and prayers.

When I asked the security men what you did after you bashed my car, they said they tried to stop you but you rained abuses on them and threatened to knock them down if they don’t get out of your way. They said you asked them why I packed by the road side, that it was my fault.

Roadside? People park there all the time; there was no law against parking on that side. Even if I parked where I shouldn’t park, is that why you should hit my car and run away?

Well, I missed my interview. By the time I was able to get my damaged car off the road, I couldn’t make it to the interview anymore. I went back home and cried some more.

Yours sincerely,

Grieving widow

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1 Comment

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