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How To Know When Your Vagina Discharge Is Normal Or Abnormal



Vagina Discharge is the biological fluid secreted from the vagina which is common to all women and it helps to keep the vaginal healthy by regularly flushing it out and maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria in the vagina.

Olajide Olayinka who is a Pharmacist notes that there are normal healthy bacteria in every woman’s vagina.

“The fact is, usually around the vagina, there is this PH which usually varies due to different dates of menstraul cycle. Usually when a woman is having her flow, the PH of the vaginal area usually changes from being acidic to alkaline, so as the stage progresses from acidic, after some days, the PH increases to the alkaline level.”

“By the time the alkalinity of that area increases, then fungal microbes thrive more in such environment. meanwhile there are some natural microbes in that area that are just there just to help guard against further microbes coming in.”

Most discharges are normal as they reflect the various stages of the menstrual cycle in a woman of reproductive age, however, some discharges may be as a result of infection or irritation.

Because women are wired differently, some may notice discharge after using the bathroom or find wet or dried discharge in one’s pant.

However, it is important for a woman to know what her ‘normal discharge’ looks like and smells like.

A woman may use her fingers to find out the texture of her vaginal discharge. She may also use her nose to know the smell of her discharge. It is the best way to get familiar with your vaginal discharge at different times of the month so as to help you know when to see your doctor.

The discharge can either be normal or abnormal depending on:

The colour: A  discharge that looks yellowish, greenish, or grayish may have contracted infections or irritations.

The scent: A normal discharge have no scent at all, but if your discharge has a strong, stinking odour, then its time to see your doctor.

The texture: A normal discharge may go from being paste-like and sticky to clear and stretchy. Abnormal discharge looks clumpy or has a foamy texture.

The volume: It varies from very little to quite a lot, however, if other symptoms are present and you notice a sudden increase in the amount of your vaginal discharge, it may be time to see your doctor.

Infections are likely to occur immediately before, during and after a woman’s period, when the vaginal environment is at its least acidic and prone to infections.

Some common infections that leads to abnormal discharges are Vaginosis, Yeast infection and Trichomoniasis.

Abnormal discharge can be followed by itching, vaginal redness/soreness, rash, burning sensation when peeing or pain.

The use of feminine washes, deodorant sprays and soaps can also cause irritation.

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