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Real Woman, Real Issues: Why Does My Husband Insist On Sleeping On The Side Of The Bed Close To Wall?


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Dear Woman.NG Readers,

I am a newly married woman and every single day of the past six months has been eye opening for me. There are so many things I never saw about my husband while dating that I am now beginning to see.

One of the many things is that my husband insists on sleeping on the side of the bed close to the wall.

I thought men were supposed to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door in case there is an emergency. Also does it not make sense to take the position that makes your wife feel protected and warm?

I sleep on the outer part of the bed, closer to the door, while he curls up to the wall.

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I put off the light, close the door, get up to pick anything we may need in bed, go to answer any knock on the door, get up check if there is any unusual sound in the house and even have the responsibility of making sure he gets up when the alarm rings. Note that we leave for work at the same and return around the same time.

The last time I complained he told me its better I get used to it now so that when we have kids it will be easier for me to get up to attend to them without distubring his sleep!

This may sound like making a mountain out of a molehill, but to be honest it bothers me.

– Mrs B

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