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This Alarm Clock Promises To Wake You Up Everyday With An Orgasm



Waking up for work, especially on a Monday morning has always been a boring routine for all ‘office persons’ as the effect of the weekend tells on the body, however, the good news is, there’s an alarm clock (unlike the traditional one that wakes you up with a loud noise), that can help you start your day with an orgasm.

The Little Rooster, the world’s first alarm clock is a small plastic alarm worn in the underwear and in such a way that it sits well on the clitoris.

With 27 silent settings, the vibrating alarm clock comes with different functions that give you the ability to personalise it to your liking.

Their website mentions its ability to Snorgasm: a pleasure snooze button that vibrates for the initial wake-up and vibrates again after 10 minutes. 

It is fashioned in a way that you can travel with it as it has a travel lock which gives you the opportunity to control it when it vibrates to avoid embarrassment.

The Little Rooster also gives each owner the ability to fully personalise their vibrator that its start, pace, the peak, the snorgasm level and how intensely they vibrate can be adjusted.

Also rechargeable with different motors for different levels of power, the alarm clock is easily washable which makes it safe.

For those with partners who wakes up later than them, the Little Rooster is great to use as it wakes you up quietly without disturbing them.




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