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11 Naija Women Share Their Thought On If Dating A Guy For A Long Time Guarantees Marriage Proposal




Does dating a man for many years guarantee he is going to propose marriage to you?

We ask 11 Naija women and this is what they have to say.


For me, I would say it depends on those involved. My elder sister’s three years relationship was called off by the guy after my father asked him to bring his family for introduction. He started giving stupid excuses, one of which was that my sister is from the mermaid world and that she may not last in the marriage before she dies. Meanwhile, another one she got into lasted six months and they are married now with a child.


I don’t even like a long term relationship because it bores me. I get tired easily. I would say the earlier we get married, the better for us o.


It is not true o. Although some lead to marriage, eventually it may pack up after some months or years not up to the one spent during courtship. Why should I date a guy for 10 years when it doesn’t even take long to know if he is the one I want to settle down with or not.


Hmmmm…long term relationship can be time wasting, although it helps you to see the real character of the person you want to settle down with. I wasted my love on a guy for nine years. I had to call it off because he was too stingy.


Long courtship no dey reign again o. when a relationship is too long, it makes the couple lose the romance in their marriage. Meanwhile, how many long term relationship ends in marriage these days? It is just a lie from the mouth of the devil jare.


Me oo, I cannot do long term relationship because I may end up getting disappointed. Some guys are so wicked that after knowing your family and even your ancestors, they will start misbehaving. And if he eventually marries you, the way he will be behaving ehn, it will look like he did you a favour by not leaving you.


My friend’s brother and his wife started dating since they were in secondary, they got married two years ago and they are doing fine. To me, it may work for Ada and not work for Nkechi. But for me o, I don’t think I want to try that because guys of nowadays are ‘sharp.’


Every relationship, either short or long is a risk but I don’t think I want to take a long term risk. After fucking a guy for 5 years, he will now say he cannot marry me because of something something.


With all these demons out there? Long term relationship most times doesn’t lead to marriage because it is tiring. I lost a relationship of five years when my guy told me that he loved the new girl (relationship of six months). Sebi he was even honest to have told me, some guys will dribble you till they drop you. Now, if a guy is not ready for marriage, I don’t even bother thinking about his proposal.


I believe that if both couples know and understand what they want and work towards achieving it, they will end up together.


My sister and her husband dated for 11 years and they got married in 2011 with a son now. The thing is, long term relationships are not bad but both couples must understand what they want and be true to each other.

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