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5 Naija Women Tell Us How They Moved On After A Heart Wrenching Breakup



Moving on after a breakup, especially with a man that a woman loves can be very difficult. For some ladies, it takes them days to get over it, while it may take months or years for others.

Meanwhile, it may be so hard for some women that they never get over it. 5 women share their breakup experiences and how they moved on with us.



I dated a guy while in school. We were so in love that some people called me by his name. Meanwhile, at a time, I started suspecting he was dating the younger sister of a hostel mate who came on a visit, but he always denied it.

However, I got to his room one day to see them panting seriously as they scrambled to their feet on sighting me. I was so shocked and heartbroken.

I went back to my hostel and cried my heart out. Moving on wasn’t so easy as people who knew us together were still calling me by his name even after we broke up. It was until after he graduated that I really got over him.



Breaking up with a doctor guy I dated was sudden and unexpected because we were friends for almost a year before we started dating. It was after a misunderstanding that he told me he was no longer interested. I begged and cried, telling him we could resolve it amicably but he said no.

The most painful thing he did was deleting me on BBM, 12 hours after he broke up with me. It was like a dream and I didn’t believe he could do that. Eventually, I realized we were done when I called him later that week and he said ‘who is this?’

Moving on was so difficult because I really loved this guy. It got to a stage that I started blaming God for not stopping me from dating him, (I know blaming God was stupid but when you are in such situations, you do and say stupid things).



I always cry inside of me anytime I think about Victor because I dated him for 7 years when he had nothing. Some years later I got to know he was married with two children. All the while when we were together, he never told me anything.

It was so painful that I almost called his wife to tell her about us but I realized it may break their home.

Moving on was really difficult because I thought we were going to be married as things started to get better for him. I don’t even think I’ve moved on sef, I think I’ll be fine when I get married because thinking about that experience makes me angry.



I didn’t like Deji when I first met him but after some time when he asked me out, I learnt he was a nice person. After about two months, Deji called me to say his spirit said we can’t be together. When he told me, it was like I didn’t hear well.

His sisters and aunty who later called me said they were surprised Deji had broken up with me as I was the first lady he introduced to them.

Moving on wouldn’t have been difficult if it was not when I started loving him that he broke up with me.



When my stupid ex-boyfriend traveled to Malaysia, he broke up with me. The stupid guy is now calling to tell me that he would have sent me the picture of the girl he’s dating now because his father needs a grandchild but he is scared of me.

Sincerely, I loved this guy and I was yet to get over him until he called me yesterday to tell me that rubbish. With this call, omo, I have moved on. I even warned him never to call me again.

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