A Prayer For Nigeria



Dear God,

It’s been 56 long and weary years meandering through the desert of trying to discover our purpose as a country. We’ve lost hope in who we are, what we stand for or what we are living for. It’s another sad reminder of how far we’ve come and how much farther we’ve got to truly celebrate.

While other nations have eradicated 18th century diseases, launched out into space and continue to push the boundaries on what’s possible in medicare, warfare and education, we continue to remain at the launch pad discussing which demography, ethnic group or religion will make the first move.

Like a wealthy man with many wives and children, we have been unable to confirm our real population. We have a long list of resources but only available to a shortlist. We are yet to convert the value of our numerous degrees and certificates to solve our growing list of national issues.

Many continue to live in abject poverty with no hope of where the next meal will come from, many women continue to grieve over innocent children they have lost to the medical care they hope they had received. Many young millennials continue to study an expired curriculum in universities and polytechnics that will get them nowhere.

While the middle class is thinning out, there is almost no more space in the overcrowded bottom class. Lord please have mercy. You know we don’t need so many people but a few daring people who will break the barriers, take the limits off and begin to tackle the issues we’ve continue to battle with for these last six decades.

May the labour of our heroes past not be in vain. We thought we needed an umbrella to save from the rainy day but it didn’t. It’s been really stormy, windy and we are still out there in the cold, wet and shivering. Then, we were offered a broom in hopes that it would be a new beginning with no remembrance of the past but the pastor and pauper share the same experience that the income is now in trickles and we’re cutting corners to make ends meet.

We need you God to make a way anyhow. We wait and hope that someday we will be proud of our homeland and not have to hide our passports when we get off the planes in Jordan or Jamaica or sneak away to Dubai in the luggage compartment of a Boeing Dreamliner.

Thank you for another day to celebrate our freedom from our colonial masters but we pray that you would grant us real and lasting freedom from our old ways of thinking, our old mindsets, our old slave masters and enable us to launch out and fulfill our calling as a nation.


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