The Tale Of A Naija Married Woman And Her Work Place Romance



By Seun Akinlosotu

I know I’ve written about married women cheating on their husbands and I probably know of one personally, but the gist that reached me a few days ago, happening at a major Multi National Oil & Gas in Lagos is like weed on crack.

So, there’s this babe who works in one of these Multinationals, let’s call her Priye.

Priye got married early and has 3 kids. Apparently, her husband is not the best bloke on the block, so they’ve been having major issues. Heard the guy is stingy as hell too, but thankfully Priye has her cushioned job at this Oil Company.

Anyway, her husband’s business was once thriving, but somehow the business went south. Priye wasn’t really bothered or affected because the guy had not been taking care of her and the kids in the first place. With business gone south, her hubby’s behavior got worse so Priye started contemplating a divorce but eventually changed her mind. Where was she going with 3 kids? It was to sit down and weather the storm until absolutely unbearable.

Priye examined her marriage properly and decided she didn’t love her husband anymore – she detested him but she didn’t want to walk away from the marriage because of what you archaic, judgmental, self-righteous Naija people say about a divorced woman. She decided she wasn’t going to go through a divorce but she would eat her cake and have it. She would remain married and have as many affairs as she wants to satisfy her sexual desires.

Priye was on the prowl. No man, especially the good looking ones would escape her. Word circulating is that Priye even always had condoms in her bag. This girl was always prepared. As far as I’m concerned, this girl has life issues – quarter life crises maybe.

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Next thing we heard is – Priye has the hots for her born again boss at work.  Born again boss was married unfortunately for her, but this girl wouldn’t back off. She started looking for every excuse to go to his office, stand next to him, and work late because the guy was a workaholic and was usually working till late at night. Looks like oga born again must have been firing some serious prayers against all daughters of jezebel at work because before you could bat an eyelid Priye was transferred to another department.

Her new boss was one Edo boy who was weak as hell. Couldn’t hold his own or fire dangerous prayers against Priye like her former boss, so he caved. Not only did he cave, Priye had him wrapped around her thumbs like a toddler on lollipop. According to the gist, it was pathetic. The whole company knew about it but no one dared say anything about it. One girl whom I also know that works at the Oil Company actually tried bringing it up to their boss’s boss but she ended up getting fired. A few days after she left people found out Priye was also dating her boss’s boss and she had got wind of what this girl was up to and had her fired.

Priye was going on out of town trips with her boss and his boss, while no one else in the department had ever been approved for an out of town or country “conference”, Priye had been to almost every major city in the world on “training”. Yes she was training her assets all right. My question this times was, where is she telling her husband she’s going to? And how come he wasn’t suspecting anything? I don’t get marriages these days.

Priye unearthed another chic that was against her lifestyle and got that one fired pronto. In short, she was in control of the 3rd leg of this suckers called her bosses and in control of the whole department. She and her ass have become legendary in broad day light.

By the time the men count was 4 at the same time in the same office, I was like this girl is using jazz on these men. There is no way it’s all about what’s between her legs. Could it be?

I told my friend that , if this girl is not using jazz you better get close to her to find out what she’s saying or doing to these men because this is beyond human comprehension, and I need the recipe!

Much as I would love to say that every married woman should close her legs and  heart to men other than her husband – I would be wasting my time honestly. This issue is a matter of to each his own.

I can attest to how some situations make you want to do despicable things. It really takes MAJOR Grace to be able to maintain dignity and have some high morals when you are in a really bad situation. During those times, the last person you are doing anything right for is your spouse. You have to think of yourself, think of your relationship with God, think of your children. I cannot judge anyone, less I be judged,  but Naija babes I hail o!


Seun Akinlosotu is a Tech Analyst by day and an aspiring Writer by midnight. She’s a self proclaimed Romanticist who likes to write light heartedly. Her write ups are geared at a cross mix of audience, none of which will need an Oxford Dictionary to understand her. There’s more to read from her at & on IG @Chechecosmos


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  1. Ubaidat Ahmed

    Ubaidat Ahmed

    October 11, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Priye prey

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    January 12, 2018 at 4:15 pm

    Priye prey.. thumb up

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