How Ayoronke Tosin-Yeye Is Linking Mentors With Mentees Across Africa



The difficulties Ayoronke Tosin-Yeye went through when she was trying to reach out to people who could mentor her led to her creating a dedicated mentorship platform called IMentorAfrica.

IMentorAfrica is a virtual platform for Africans to link up and share the gift of mentorship. It is for everyone who is willing and able to Mentor or be Mentored.

Ayoronke looks forward to when the concept of Mentorship would become a way of life across Africa and also to when every successful African would willingly reach out to help others work through their path while working together to develop Africa and end poverty.

Below is her message on the IMentorAfrica website

Over the years I have appreciated the likes of Deola Sagoe, Fela Durotoye, Opral Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Mo Abudu, Jimi Tewe, Sheryl Sandberg and Aliko Dangote and I have tried so hard to learn as much as I can ABOUT them to see if I could walk their path to also achieve their level of success. However, the closest I have ever got to them has been in pictures, books and videos therefore they only remain my ROLE MODELS (for now).

However, overtime I made an effort to reach out to people I can learn directly FROM, and I have been successful in LinkingUp with “Doug Lawrence” – the President and Founder TalentC People Services, Canada who is now my “MENTOR”. I have leveraged his invaluable wealth of experience in achieving my goals which includes the launch of IMentorAfrica.

Doug is a busy C-Level executive in Canada while I am a Nigerian-based Human Resources/Business Strategist, so we communicate over simple platforms such as Skype, Phone and Emails. And in order to keep our Mentorship relationship productive I ensure I respect his time, do a pre and post-meeting self reflection and have tried to understand his personality style.

There are several other Africans like you and I who have benefited from direct or indirect Mentorship within and outside the continent and I am therefore willing to support others by linking prospective Mentors with Mentees. Please feel free to share or receive the GIFT of Mentorship on this platform. We are here to guide the process so previous Mentorship experience is not required.







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