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How I Almost Got Scammed While Looking For A Job


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I finished my National youth service scheme at cross river state in October 2015, I was looking forward to getting a job before the year ended, I applied for several jobs waiting for response.

A month after my service, I got an invite for a job interview at Lagos, meanwhile I stay in Ota, Ogun state and I am not that familiar with Lagos. I told my dad, he agreed to follow me to the venue of the interview since I was not used to Lagos.

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On the day of the interview I saw a lot of people who also came for the same purpose. I was ushered in while my dad waited outside for me.

The first stage of the interview was one on one interview where I and other applicants were to talk about our qualification and all that. The second stage, was where the company staff came to give motivational talks. After the talk, we are about 50 that came for the interview, we were told to pay 3,000 naira for a form in order for us to get employed.

Applicants who were with ATM card were looking for where to withdraw to pay for the form, others with cash hurried to pay for the form. Few people complained that they don’t have up to 3k, they were told to drop what ever amount they had on them.

One of the staff, came to meet me as she observed I didn’t pay for the form, she asked me why I didn’t pay, I told her, I had no money on me.

After a while I left the venue with my dad. Later I got to know those people are scammers and have duped people through the form money, I just thank God I didn’t pay. I have had terrible experience of job interviews, that I said to myself, I am done with looking for job. I am now a female cobbler. I am Dbaami.

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