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How I Got And Lost Two Jobs Within Seven Months




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I had been at home for some months after resigning from a shitty job that was destroying my self esteem and paying me peanuts.

One day I got a call from one of the companies I had gone to drop my CV; they needed an Administrative Manager in their office and were wondering if I will like to take the job. I went in for the interview and was told to start the next week.

It wasn’t what I really wanted but it was better than staying at home. The salary was much more than what I was earning before but so was the work and pressure. I didn’t mind, I was focused on doing my best on my job.

One day, I was having a chat with one of their suppliers and he was asking me if I knew someone who will be interested in taking a business development job with a new company. I said I wouldn’t mind, that is more of the line I was interested in anyway.

He gave me the contact details of the person and I was called for an interview. It turned out to be a Tech start-up by some guys who just returned from the UK. They had big dreams and from what I was told they already had some big clients and contracts rolling.

They were going to pay me over double of what I was currently earning and I will have many other allowances. My contract was too good to be true, I was so happy.

I was so excited, I prayed and prayed to get the job and I did. The only challenge was that they wanted me to start immediately, which meant I would not be able to give my current employer enough notice. I begged them to give me a month but they said no, they needed someone to start now. In fact they were calling me every day to ask if I had resigned.

I had to resign without giving my employer any notice. It was so abrupt, I didn’t do proper handing over and I didn’t manage the situation well at all. They were upset and refused to pay me for that month. I was only with them for two months.

I didn’t mind, after all I was moving on to a bigger job.

I did all I could to prove myself on the new job, I worked so damn hard and made a lot of personal sacrifices to do the job. I was doing the job of like ten people at the same time. I was the personal assitant, marketer, administrative staff, delivery woman, social media manager etc.

They said they wanted to start small and grow big and made me see how I will become a huge asset to them for being with them when they are small. They were always talking big and and mentioning names of high profile Nigerians like they had things going on with them.

But I was shocked when at the end of the month, I didn’t receive a salary. They apologised and told me they were expecting some payments. I didn’t get paid until the end of the second month and I was only paid half of my salary.

I started discovering these guys had no contracts, no big clients. It was all sweet talk. They both had their individual jobs, this was just something they came together to do and they were having a lot of disagreements on the business.

I didn’t want to believe this big job was over, so I held on to the lies they were telling me and believed their excuses, while I continued to work without pay.

Eventually they started telling me not to bother to come to work (we were operating from the BQ of someone they know) as there is nothing really going on, they told me to be working from home, of course at my own expense.

Anyway, at the end the sent me away with plenty excuses without paying me all they owed.

Within seven months it was all over, two jobs gone just like that, after job searching for almost one year!

By Anonymous Young Woman






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