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REAL WOMEN, REAL ISSUES: The Company I Was With For 7 Years Has Refused To Pay My Terminal Benefits And Remit My Pension



We received this from a reader. The company in question is a well known newspaper, she needs advise on how best to go about getting her benefits paid and pension remitted.


Dear Editor,

My services was engaged by a newspaper company from 18th March 2008 as a business development executive till I resigned on 26th of October 2015 to pursue my personal business, I worked for 7 years 7 months.

After my resignation they refused to pay my benefits, my entitlements was calculated to the sum of#1,275,000 in accordance with the formula stipulated in the staff hand book as follows:

7 years X 8 weeks of gross pay of #85,000=#1,190,000+85,000 for 7 months pro rated basis.

Secondly, I found out that the monthly deductions made from my salaries within the period worked was not remitted because I went to Stanbic IBTC to print out my pension statement. A total sum  #484,650 was not totally remitted and the employer mandatory contributions  was never remitted contrary to pension Act.

However, after my resignation I have engaged a lawyer to write them but up till date none of my benefits has been paid.

Please I am an average Nigerian that is suffering due to the facts that terminal benefits and pension fund was not paid after working with a firm for over 7 years, I cannot believe that I can be in this condition, please help me so that this injustice and cheating can stop.



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