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Selfie’s have been around for a while now and with new forms of social media popping up they have gotten better. I have a post on how to take the perfect selfie here I also have another post here on the do’s and dont’s of selfies. Today, I’m sharing hacks on how to make those selfies one of a kind.

The lady in this picture is my friend Bola, makeup artist and media junkie like me too. I have a post coming up tomorrow of this gorgeous outfit she has on. If you have read the two posts I have linked up, then you’ll know this is the update of the selfie series( I didn’t start it intentionally)

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There is a general misconception that until you have the most expensive phone, you can’t have the best selfie. That isn’t true the slightest, there are affordable phones with really good cameras all you have to do is understand the you phone camera,how it works and how to get the best use out of it.


I have been in that situation where my makeup at its best but my selfies were not justifying it.Here’s my question, “have you ever thought to clean your phone camera before?” The solution to your horrible selfies could just be a clean camera.


I like my pictures bright and clear unless there is a reason to go dark, like a theme to the picture or shoot. Exposure on phones have gotten a lot easier. All you have to do is tap on your camera screen and drag it to the side (for Samsung) or drag it upwards for iPhone. Have a decent amount of light in your picture will save you time while editing.


As a photographer, I have come to understand how this works and the general importance of focusing your picture.Focus on your face by simply tapping on your screen and take your selfie.


Editing a picture just makes it look 100 times better than the original picture. There are a few editing apps like VSCO, snapseed, aviary among others. There is no right or wrong to editing just go ham as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Other key points are in the posts linked above like lighting, background angles and the likes so I recommend you check them out.


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