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8 Naija Women Tell Us The Most Annoying Thing They Have Seen People Do At Cinemas



Sometimes watching a movie on your TV alone at home cannot be compared to going to watch that same movie on a gigantic screen at a cinema.

However, in a dark room with many strangers, so many things go on that can spoil the excitement of seeing an anticipated movie.

8 women tell, the most annoying thing they have seen people do when they go to the cinema.

Please tell us about yours in the comment section!


I saw a guy at the rear corner seat, he had his hands round his girlfriend’s neck and to my bewilderment, he was squeezing the life out of the girl’s small boobs. I didn’t feel comfortable but who cares? I didn’t buy the tickets for them.


It is annoying when the person who sits next to you is trying to understand why everyone is laughing because they didn’t get the joke.


When the person behind you continually uses their leg to hit your seat is crazy and disturbing.


Some people come to the cinema to gist. It makes me wonder why they are there in the first place.


I hate it when people talk back at the movie. It’s so annoying.


It’s either some people making calls or they receiving calls which can be so sad as they speak loudly and make you lose concentration.


A lot of annoying things happen o. when you go to the cinema alone, no cuddles plus the very high AC, you no go come enjoy the film because of the cold.


There are some people that never understand the movie. All they do is ask questions. “Sister, sorry o, what did the guy say? Did the girl slap the guy?” Very annoying questions.





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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dada Taiwo Juliana

    Dada Taiwo Juliana

    November 19, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    I can’t go to cinema alone, I prefer with friends and family even if we re just 2 better than going alone

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