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An Open Letter To The Boyfriend Of My Future Wife


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Dear Boyfriend-of-my-Future Wife,

Hi, I hope you are in good health, if you’re not, well sucks for you then. The main purpose of this correspondence is to discuss a very important issue. You see, your girlfriend is my future wife, you don’t know this yet because for your  mind you think she is the One. Again, this sucks for you.

The thing is this, I know how guys are. Some of you just plunder and destroy

Then the future husband (Me) is stuck with a broken baby girl, I’m not going to let you be about that life with my future wifey. So without further ado, I’m going to state the rules of engagement between you and her from now on.

Be less FREAKY: Don’t forget that you’re passing her on to the rightful owner in the nearest future, she is not Jadafire o. Not everytime baby let’s try something new, No. Sometimes y’all could just lay in bed and cuddle, maybe talk dirty. If it gets too hot and heavy then maybe missionary sex for no more than 05 minutes, if you don’t cum within the stipulated time, then again, sucks for you.

Teach her: Help her be a better person for the future. You get as good as you give. Teach her to be a better lover, friend, sister, daughter. The joy that will come to you when she leaves knowing that she is now a better person than she was when she met you would overshadow the splitting heartache you will feel.

NEVER EVER HIT HER: This is pretty self-explanatory, if you are that mad there is always a nearby wall. If you ever hit her I’ll find you and I’ll make you wish the seed that birth you had been spilled.

Treat her nice: She is pretty special, so you should act accordingly. You could take her out to a surprise dinner, or maybe breakfast in bed. Anything that makes her feel feel special and all fuzzy on the inside. She’ll appreciate you for this and she’ll be happier. Her happiness is a major key.

I sincerely hope that with the few points stated above, you’re able to see reason  with me and understand where I’m coming from.

May your future wife be treated the way you treated the way you treat mine.

P.S: If after all is said and done, you choose to be a jerk and ignore all I’ve painstakingly painstakingly written, I shall find my way to Benin and join a coven of  witches. We shall then proceed to decimate you and everything that is close to you. We shall ruin you.

Best Regards,

Your Girlfriend’s Future Husband.



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