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Berry Dakara Shares Her Experience Of Being Kicked Out Of Church For ‘Indecent Dressing’



Lifestyle vlogger, Berry Dakara, in a video, shared her experience of how she wasn’t allowed to enter the church because of indecent dressing.

She said,.

I woke up this morning, I had showered, gotten dressed, feeling fly and everything and we got outside, took pictures with my mom and dad, they really liked what I was wearing and then we get to church.

We parked the car, proceed to walk into church.

As we were walking and about to step into one of the doors, this woman flew from wherever she was and got in front of me. She was like, ‘No, you can’t enter.’

And I said why, are they praying or something? But she said, no, you cannot enter.

And I was like, why can’t we enter, people are entering. And she said, ‘no, we don’t allow such dressing.’

I was like, wait, what!

What are you talking about, is it because I’m not wearing a hat?

Yes, we don’t do that too but we don’t allow such dressing, she answered.

Watch her share the full story and see photos of the dress in the video below





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