Ms A: Don’t Judge Me But This is Why I Don’t Go To Church Anymore


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It has been a few months now, and I have not been to church. Before, I would wake up to leave early to get to the first service so I could get back before the parking lot is full and the traffic builds up. I used to enjoy our small and growing church till we grew overnight and became a megachurch.

It was great to see so many people come out, but I gradually lost interest as there was no longer a personal touch. Even when we were asked to say hello to the person sitting beside us, it was no longer as warm as we held back our genuine selves from each other. It began to feel like attending a concert every Sunday.

The Messages Are More About Money – When did the church become a business school sharing secrets about wealth creation and keys to success? There is so much emphasis on giving above and beyond what you earn by faith. Even the so-called harvest celebration is a time to show off who had brought so much. I was surprised when someone told me he recently started a church and things are not really moving, to confirm some hidden motives.

There Is A Lot Of Entertainment – You cannot just wear anything to church, from the pulpit to the pew, the clothes, shoes and jewellery are unmatched as if there was a competition going on. If the have-nots came to church, they would stand out or overlooked. After the service is over, you can see in a distance lots of people spending another half an hour doing nothing else but trying to take the perfect selfie.

The Gospel Is Hardly Preached – We are supposed to be Christians taking men and women to Jesus so lives can be changed. We have become so religious but not godly, are you surprised there are so many churches but few righteous people that you can vouch for? When the undiluted message of the gospel is not preached, we act pious in our Sunday best but are something else the rest of the week.

There are Lots Of Unnecessary Activities – The primary reason of having church was for prayer, worship, bible study and reaching out to the lost but, we have now turned in to a venue for garage sales, family fun day and business networking conferences. We never seem to have time to do the core activities, but we always seem to have time for other things that have a monetary value.

Increased Security Presence – If the church is not safe any more then where else is? With so many special people being “protected” it makes the rest of us unsafe and exposed. We profess to have so much faith in God but refuse to leave behind all the security gadgets that trail us right to our pews. One wonders why the security personnel who do not get to listen to the message have more faith in their profession than we who should know better.

Our Magnificent Cathedrals Have Failed To Pull In The Down And Out – Many of the paraphernalia the church is known for these days isn’t purpose-built for the less privileged and outcast in the society. We’ve been blinded by the synchronized lighting and sonorous choristers that we fail to reach out to those we really should go after. We only remember the down and out at Christmas with a few handouts and pay so much to the TV stations to show all that to the world.

I am on the lookout for a smaller church with real people who truly fear God and have only one purpose to fulfil the Great Commission, in the meantime, I’ll be home lying in on Sundays enjoying the quiet reading my Bible alone or enjoying some worship music on YouTube.



Ms A writes anonymously.



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