Is Our Lifestyle As Mums Robbing Our Kids Of Their Childhood?


new mum

New mums are typically excited about the prospect of having their first baby. They have great plans about what they will do when the baby is here but quickly all of that changes when the reality sets in that motherhood is not for the faint at hear. It is demanding, exhausting but rewarding. Motherhood is a calling, a marathon of sorts.
Like a new shoe or dress, the excitement of having a baby wears off and we’re back looking for the next big thing that will bring us satisfaction. Many of us have abandoned our roles as mums and are chasing a career that will pay the bills or give our kids the best in life. This generation of kids are living under so much pressure as a result of our new lifestyle.

We spend so little time with them but replace quality time with them with what money can buy. We make choices that suit is and vow that no child will interrupt our schedule but realise too late what the consequences of these choices are. If your child is doing any of these,

Spends At Least Two Hours In Traffic Daily – if you leave in the city, you can attest to the fact that the traffic isn’t getting any better. The roads are being fixed, the shortcuts are available but the number of cars don’t seem to be reducing. Some parents insist their children must attend a particular school and travel so far to achieve this at the expense of the child’s snooze time. Whether it’s the school bus or the driver taking them to school, many children are sleep deprived and leave home as early as 4am driving from VGC to Ikoyi and a similar commute back from school. Aren’t there other good schools close by or would you consider moving closer to this desired school?

Eats Junk Food Daily – many kids struggle with eating healthy meals and snacks regularly. As parents, we are constantly compromising our standards giving into the whining and crying bouts. Our breakfast is no longer balanced diet but a buffet of junk. Even after school, the kids are received by nannies who have prepared hotdogs or fries for partially malnourished kids. I’m In the short term it looks easy and just fine but in the long run, kids thriving on unhealthy meals will become obese or struggle with a number of health issues. Can we explore other options to make thee healthy meals attractive?

Enjoys No Downtime – this generation of kids have the least concentration span. What do expect with a bombardment of all sorts from social media, games and TV. They have lost the art of solitude or quiet. Naps are unheard of as their brain remains active from dawn to dusk. As they rise from bed, their iPads are chiming away, driving to school, they are busy with an online game and after school and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, the screen time doesn’t seem to end. We are in a race against time and are chauffeuring our kids from soccer practice to ballet classes and piano lessons daily and these kids sincerely crave time just to be still or quiet. Can we replace some of these with craft time or playing outdoors with other kids and also burning some calories?

Prefers Screen Time To Playing With Friends – we’ve built walls around our houses and also around our lives. Our kids can only mingle with a certain class of children if not they will be locked indoors. After a while such a child no longer looks forward to spending time with other children but prefers the quiet time alone online. Online, your child tries to keep up with life on social media struggling to look for playmates when there are neighbours who have been avoided for years. If we restrict our children from learning and tolerating others, won’t they struggle to relate to just anyone in future?

Spends Quality Time With You Only At Weekends – the traffic, the hectic work schedules and busy lifestyles we keep up with deny us quality time with our kids. After a busy day, you have little or no energy to spend time with them. The average child misses their parents and longs for someone who has no deadlines to meet but will swim or ride their bikes together and even read them a bedtime story. If we continue to hand over our kids from the school bus driver to teachers to nannies, we’ll wake up one day and find out our kids have grown up and we have lost the opportunity to bond with them. What can you do differently to create memories for your kids and give then a better childhood?

Let’s constantly pause and ask ourselves, even if this lifestyle works for me, what impact does it have on my child’s mental, physical and spiritual development?

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