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Where Is She? Funmi Adams’ Fans Are Going All Out To Find Out Why She Suddenly Dissapeared From Our Screens



If you grew up in the late 80s and early 90s then you will know at least one of these songs – ‘Nigeria, my beloved country,’ ‘Ahayye Yaro,’ ‘Mama thank you for your love,’ ‘Omode o,’ and ‘All we need is love.’

They are songs by Funmi Adams, a singer  known for her love for children and for championing patriotism and oneness through her songs.

She has not been seen or heard for many years now, and some of her fans who grew up listening to her songs have been searching for her.

A  thread was created on Nairaland by a user called Bennie on October 4, 2007, he wanted to know  the location of the singer but he got no useful response as other users  wondered if she is still alive or dead.

Between 20O7 and 2016, her fans on this thread have done a lot to find her or at least get her videos  on youtube for future generations.  They are doing as much as contributing money, travelling out of their states, collecting each other’s contact details to make their dreams of reviving her songs come true.

In 2014, a user by the name Warrenweste contacted Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Dudu, the executive producer of Funmi Adams songs.

Tunde said that Sony MD Okunowo and her music producer, Laolu Akins, who is his neighbour also do not know if she is still alive or dead.

Her saxophonist, Michael when contacted by Warrenweste  through email said, working with Funmi was strictly business as she was a private person, however, Warrenweste was directed to a professor in the US, Akin Euba that Funmi also worked with.

Her saxophonist also said that the last time he saw her was in 1993 when she was still staying in Ikoyi in Lagos.

Interestingly, Warrenweste explained that one of the boys who performed in ‘Nigeria, my beloved country’ video informed him that Funmi Adams performed at Muson centre in 2010 during the 50th Independence Day celebration.

Another fan Lyoncrescent contacted Professor Akin Euba via email and he said Funmi lived in Pittsburg, Pennyslvania, where he lived but he has not heard from her in years.

According to Lyoncrescent, Akin Euba explained that the last time he saw her was either in 2007 or 2008 and noted that he was not sure if she was married which could explain a change of name, if there is any.

The search seem to be yielding results when Warrenweste announced on the 1st of this month that a church member in the US who worships in the same church with Funmi Adams said she is alive.

Although, we don’t know how reliable the information is yet or what they plan to do when they eventually find her, but it is so touching to know that she made such a huge impact in the lives on her fans.


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