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Kemi Olunloyo Explains Why She Once Shot Her Fiance In The Head



Last week, Kano reps member, Abdulmumin Jibrin tweeted about a woman in his constituent who woke him up with cries of being battered by her husband.

While explaining that the husband had beaten her because she stayed longer at work, Jibrin noted that women must be courageous and learn to put a strong resistance to a beating husband.

Responding to the tweet on her Instagram page, Nigerian-American Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo recounted her experience of domestic violence and why she remains single till date noting that Nigerian women hardly protect themselves because they value the title of of being married.

She said,

 One of the reasons I remain single to this day is #domesticviolence . Do u know I once SHOT my fiance in the head while defending myself in an abusive situation at 8 mos pregnant?

Baltimore police was tired of the calls to my home and his arrest. They told me clearly to protect myself.

The bullet grazed his head rendering him lucky or his brains would have been splattered on the wall. I was not arrested, he was arrested and hospitalized. I’m not having it.

Nigerian women wanna have the Mrs title till they end up in a casket. Protect yourselves ladies. Our society and culture promotes this shit! #hnnimpact

I ain’t having it.

All women must NEVER RETURN to their abusive partners. @AbdulAbmJ look at this. #Acid in #Nigerian #domesticviolence case.

Due to domestic abuse women in #Nigeria must be prepared to DEFEND themselves. I’ve been single since. US cops told me to arm myself #SMKOO.

At 27 when my ex fiance battered me slashing my head open with a pipe. I SHOT him in the head with bullet grazing him. No ARREST! #SMKOO









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