Lami Phillips Has The Best Advice On Staying On Your Lane To Live Your Best Life




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It is very hard to not compare our lives to that of our friends. Sometimes we wish we have what they have and wish we can be just like them.

Well, because things have not yet happened for you the way you want it doesn’t mean they never will, the key is in staying focused and being your authentic self while at it.

This is the spirit of these notes shared by Singer Lami Phillips on her Instagram page.

She first shared this:

Stay in your lane.. never leave your throne unattended by getting distracted by another persons shine. Stay in your lane and seek God alone… everything else will be added on to you.. even the help you seek. Stay in your lane even if you travel alone.. sometimes God gardens the hearts of “should have been ” helpers so He can take all the glory. Stay in your lane and own your purpose till it becomes your truth. No matter what.. stay in your own lane and NEVER try to live someone else’s life or covet it to the point that you begin to walk in it. STAY IN YOUR LANE . #LamiTalks ©™

And then this, in response to the questions she got

I talked about staying in your lane recently .. I got several DM’s asking questions. The most common was .. what if my lane isn’t bringing me money yet.. well time and chance happen to us all. Your breakthrough doesn’t have to align with mine. Usher made it big before Jammie Foxx.. wizkid made it big before many many of us..?either way being someone other than yourself is imprisonment. Apart from the issue of “timing”.. is self-awareness and self-assessment .. What do you need to change? What/who do you need to let go of? Is the lane you are on God-chosen , self-chosen or imposed by insecurity? Are you a tone deaf person insisting you were born to sing ? Let your purpose(your lane) be dictated by your creator alone. Then chase that with all your passion. For those crying over the fact that “nobody wants to “help” me” .. homie.. help yourself. I’ve been there.. it sucks.. but the fab part is when God shows up.. no man can share in His glory cos they were not there for you when you needed help! Stay in your lane.. it’s crowded everywhere else!#LamiTalks ©

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