NAIJA SINGLE GIRL: My Daily Struggle With Makeup

via YouTube | Just Call Me Wah

via YouTube | Just Call Me Wah

The other day, I was trying to trace back to the exact first time I ever applied make up on. I can’t even remember.

All I know is I started with white powder in my first year in the university. The powder they call Enchateur. I had a big one I kept in my room and a small one I carried about in my bag.

My lips were usually bare and I used Vaseline to align my eyebrows.

In 300 level, I upgraded to ponds, the orange coloured wanna-be powder. I ditched the white powder because it usually made me look like a ghost during the harmattan season, especially when I had 7am lectures.

Ponds powder is usually the ‘bridge’ girls apply when deciding if they should stick with white powder or join brown powder users. Most of my friends wore heavy make-up and I wanted to join them but my mom kept reiterating brown powder/foundation will make me age faster and develop wrinkles on my face.

Also, I had a terrible history with brown powder in my SS1. I was rearranging our store room when I found an expired one in a white nylon and ‘testing’ it was the worst mistake of my life. My face itched for days.

I use to wear a peach lipstick alongside the ponds powder but I couldn’t for the life of me understand why it wouldn’t last for up to an hour. It’s either I am licking/biting my lips unconsciously, smearing it or my first instinct is to wipe it off completely if I am stressed.
I use to apply eye shadow too but I haven’t done that since my 400L (When I was handed my first medicated glasses) cos the skin around my eyes is sensitive and my eyes could itch for days if make-up gets in there.
One more thing, if I am going somewhere where there’s lots of food, I don’t even bother with lipstick. (Please don’t judge me)

At my age, I bought my first brown powder last year. The N800 classic powder. I do not have a great skin and I was impressed with the difference it made after application.
A friend said if I combine it with foundation, I would be amazed. My sister gave me her foundation and I was shocked at the results. I was encouraged to line my eyes and start wearing lipstick again. My only issue with using foundation is that it usually smears my phone when I answer a call. (Maybe cos the foundation was cheap. Lol)
I also have to constantly wipe patches of foundation on my laptop and notepad.

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However, I broke up my relationship with classic powder a few months ago. For no particular reason, it started cracking and I suspected a lot of fake products were circulating town.
It won’t even last up to two weeks and both the powder and lid would break and smear my entire handbag. It also started making me look like ‘a red woman’
Currently, I have switched to Milani and the results are far better than classic. Hopefully, I would add MAC or Black Op someday.

Makeup is work. Probably because I do not know how to apply.
On an average day, I spend between ten to fifteen minutes applying makeup. Is it not just to apply powder to blend my discoloured face and rub lipstick? I would say.

Thankfully, I have OK eyebrows and I don’t bother with trying to draw fleek eyebrows.
I have attempted watching tutorials but I have been unable to put all I have seen into practice.
How can I even practice when the products are unavailable?
Who has time to sit and bake the face for hours? Or money to buy all those products, coming from a girl who does not own a makeup purse.
Will my face be able to breathe? Will I need an iron sponge to wash it out? Will my face add an extra 3Kg to my weight?

I was watching a YouTube video of a beauty blogger who said it takes her roughly 3 hours to apply makeup every single day.
I took my ‘shocking’ findings to a friend of mine, another lover of makeup and she said, ‘Ehen na. Three hours is fair’
I am un-bothered cos I feel good on the inside. I told a friend, “To each own. Whoever loves me would take me as I am. Makeup or not.”

My friend disagrees and her argument is men are attracted to what they see. Naturally, they would ALWAYS go for the most appealing face in a room. The contoured nose, well carved eyebrows, highlighted face and red lips that can light up a dark room.
When a photo of that no-makeup bride went viral, the men hailed her most. It is not different on social media. Talks and talks of how they prefer their women with less or no make-up.
I’m confused.


Writer – Naija Single Girl is on a quest to find a good man, a good job, good food, good money and all other good things life has to offer. Her blog Naijasinglegirl documents her experience during this chase.


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