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Private Or Public Marriage Proposal? 14 Naija Women Tell Us Which One They Prefer



For some women, the idea of a public proposal makes them cringe, but for others  it is a go big or go home affair.

14 naija women tell what type of marriage proposal they prefer.

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I’ll go for a private proposal because I am a private person. I might even prefer my wedding to be very private. Not more than 30 people.


I’ll prefer a private proposal because making it public would make people follow up on your love life to see if it’s going to end well or not. It is possible that something happens along the way, so to avoid it; I’ll rather go for a private proposal.


If it’s a public one, people may start stalking you with questions about him like, when will you get married, when are you taking him home to your mum?


Hmmm… I will like to go for a private proposal because the guy may end up disappointing you while he has turned you into the lord of the rings already.


I want a public proposal because I want people to know that ‘mo l’ori okunrin’. I want people that think I cannot marry to know that yes, I’m engaged.


I don’t like a public proposal because I hate to advertise myself to the world. I don’t like noise.


I want a public proposal because I want people to know that I’m taken. Moreover, I want it to be a memorable one for me.


I want a public proposal because I have always loved a public show of affection. Infact, I don’t mind if the guy can prostrate instead of kneeling.


Either public or private, I will love something simple and special.


I’m a shy person so I’ll go for a private proposal.


I’ll prefer a public one because for a guy to gather the courage to ask you publicly, it means he really loves you. He must have thought of the embarrassment if you turned him down before he does it.


Ehn…I want a public proposal o. Infact, make sure you go so public that the whole world will know. It will be a thing of joy for my proposal to enter the Guinness book of records, that’s how public I want my proposal to go. It will be the best thing of my life.


Why indoor proposal? Abeg loud it! Let the whole world hear. To pop the question outdoor in a reasonable way is my choice because I just love a different thing.


Being a gentle and calm person, outdoor proposal is the way to go for me. Aside the social media hype, it will look like going out of your way to make me happy, which is why I would prefer a public proposal.


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