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Real Women, Real Issues: How Do We Collect The Money Our Late Colleague Was Owing Us From Her Husband?


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Dear Woman.NG readers,

We lost a very dear colleague some months ago, she was a very kind and hardworking woman and will be missed. We are still mourning her and can never get over her death.

We do a monthly contribution thing in the office, it is called Ajo in Yoruba, we all contribute equal amount of money every month and one person takes it every month. We have been doing this for some years now but early this year we had some disagreement and we stopped it.

In July, five of us decided to do it on our own without the other staff, we came together and agreed to start again for the remaining of the year. Five of us will be contributing N150,000 every month so we will each have contributed and also gotten N750,000 by the end of the rounds in December.

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Our late colleague said she wanted to take the first because their rent will soon be due, so in August she collected. Unfortunately,  she died few weeks after, before she could even drop her own contribution for the next month.

The problem now is, how do we or should we even collect our money from her husband?

We gave it some time and went to see him in October to explain things to him, we even showed him evidence of the transfers, but he said he had no idea his wife was doing anything like that and so he cannot verify if she owes us money or not.

Some people said we should forget it and see it as a gift to her but the sad thing is that it is the husband that will spend that money and he was very mean and horrible to her when she was alive, he doesn’t deserve it at all. They didn’t have children.

Should we just forget it like that?





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