Shocking: Mum Beats Her Little Daughter Who Refuses To Take Swim Lessons



It was a really sunny day and I decided to go for a dive with my kids. As we got out of the changing room, we met a little girl crying by the pool and a woman that’s supposed to be her mum with her slippers in her hand while the swimming coach supervised the ongoing cruelty.

Was I shocked? Yes. Why would a mum do that to her only daughter? I almost kept quiet to walk away but I didn’t realise when I began to speak to her. After a few minutes of expressing my disgust, she asked her daughter to leave the pool and they packed up and left.

Mums, please take it easy on your kids, there’s no law that your kids must swim by three, play the piano by five or speak Mandarin before they are ten. You are not in a race against time with anyone. Stop comparing your kids with others or trying to live your dreams through them.

I told the lady that this girl may suffer from anxiety attacks or low self-esteem much later as an adult if she continues this style of raising her kids. Many ladies who never knew unconditional love from their parents and continue to struggle in life working so hard to earn other people’s applaud.

I was disappointed at a swimming coach who remained speechless while supervising a mum beat her daughter. I don’t blame him, when all he’s interested in is getting his cash. Please take every precaution with those you delegate your responsibilities to because their background, level of experience and outlook on life may be a lot more different from yours and you may only discover very late what the impact of their choices have had on your children.

To my surprise the lady confessed neither her nor her husband could swim. I told her that her daughter may be confident learning with either of her parents in the pool with her than trusting a coach she doesn’t know. She also mentioned her sons can swim and she was disappointed her daughter was yet to dive in the pool. Isn’t it an irony that the fear we struggle with the most, we want it conquered in our children but not in us first?

Every child is unique and is good at something. If they can swim, they can skate. If they can’t play the piano, they can sew or knit. As mums, we are the closest to our children, let’s spend quality time with them, discover their unique talent and help them truly excel in life.

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