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What It Is Really Like to Have Two Vaginas… From The Woman Living With One More Vagina Than You



YouTube star Cassandra Bankson is a medical marvel. After dealing with so much kidney pain, a doctor’s appointment revealed that she has only one kidney and TWO VAGINAS.

This is medically known as uterus didelphys – it causes the vagina to split into two separate cavities. With the two vaginas comes two uteruses and two cervixes, but fallopian tubes and eggs are regular.

After revealing the news that she has two vaginas, Cassandra was faced with hundreds of  questions from her viewers –

What is it like to live with two vaginas?

Why did it take so long to realize?

How many monthly period does she have?

Will she be able to have kids?

And many more….

She responded to so many of the questions in a video on her YouTube page. Here are a few takeaways:

She has two periods

This woman bleeds for 23 to 28 days in a month! Reason – If an egg in one uterus is released before the other, then the second release, depending on its timing is going to cause an extended period or an entirely new one.

She may be able to give birth naturally

Her physician says many women who have this condition don’t find out until they’re pregnant. Cassandra is not actively trying to have children now, so, it’s possible it won’t even bother her in a sexual way. In the video, she talks about a woman in India who had two wombs and had two successful pregnancies. So….

She’ll need two Pap smears every time she goes for one

Two cervixes means there two places for cervical cancer to develop, so two Pap smears are needed each time she goes in for a Pap smear. She’s over 21 already, so she should be getting Pap smear every three to five years (Even if you are not sexually active yet).

To find out more about what it’s really like to have two vaginas, check out her video below:


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