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Women: Striking A Balance Between Caregiving And Selfcare



Women are beautiful, hard-working and great at multitasking. From dawn to dusk, we are constantly giving of our time, energy and effort as our spouses, kids and jobs continue demand from us irrespective of how we feel. Sometimes it feels like we are forced to keep up with a fast train of hectic schedules and deadlines even when we are running on our reserve energy.

There’s an increasing number of women struggling with high blood pressure and stress-related health issues because they are drained and unable to refuel. We sometimes tell ourselves we don’t deserve a break and keep working till we breakdown. We think we can’t afford a break but end up giving out so much to a friend who wants a loan for her personal needs.

We attend so many events over the weekend even though we are sleep deprived or we long for a lie-in or quality time with our spouses or kids. We can only go so far on reserve energy before we break down so why wait till then. The average worker spends four hours in traffic daily, that’s at least forty days of driving to a job that barely pays the bills. Don’t wait till you’re wheeled in on an ambulance before you take care of yourself.

We need to strike the balance between being caregivers to taking care of ourselves. A few changes you can make to make your life simpler and less stressful.


Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

We would love to celebrate with our friends and family when they have their events but if you can’t afford it financially or make the long journey, it’s ok to let them know how you feel than feel bad you gave what didn’t have. We are constantly sandwiched between the demands of our parents and kids, we need to draw the line when we know it’s no longer sustainable.

Get Your Spouse To Pick Up Some Tasks

There’s no law that the woman should take care of the house and kids. We make our spouses think we are Superwoman when really that title doesn’t exist. The men in our lives need to know their help is indispensable. If you don’t speak up, they won’t do anything. Unfortunately, they aren’t mind readers. They may not do things like we would but that’s a lot stress off you.

Take A Weekend Off Every Quarter

A weekend get-away doesn’t have to be in Spain or Italy. It’s just time away from your routine and environment. The hustle and bustle in the city could be unbearable. We need to constantly and spend some time alone in a quiet and serene atmosphere to relax, rest and unwind. Don’t let anyone feel guilty that you’re spending your hard-earned cash at the spa. Those unpaid bills will wait but your health won’t if you are unable to go on.

Consider Alternative Options

We always think whatever we are doing or how we do it is the best till someone comes along and tells of an easier or faster way of doing it. Never get lost in the rituals and routines of home management, raising kids, or running your business. Always be on the lookout for a new way of making your life easier. You don’t have to drive to work every day, you can take the staff bus or a taxi every now and then. You don’t have to cook every day, let your hair down once in a while and order pizzas and spicy chicken wings

Don’t Spend Your Holidays On The High Streets

If you can afford to travel on holidays, don’t spend all that three weeks on the high streets. You can dedicate one or two days for shopping but really enjoy your holidays. Many times, we are shopping for items to give people who care less about us. We do all that because of how we feel when we give out gifts but they have no clue about how much sacrifice we’ve made. Enjoy your holidays, go on a boat cruise, spend time at the theme parks exploring your wild side and taste good food and go out your way to meet new people.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. obi77ng@yahoo.co.uk'


    November 22, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    Well spoken. Very interesting article. It’s very important for us to look after ourselves. Life is short and there are no awards for the best mum or wife either.

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