“Your Time Line Is A Liar! Most Of The Ones You Compare Yourself To Are Far From Happy, Rich And Successful!” – Peace Hyde



It is very easy to envy a successful person or compare oneself to them without considering all they had to go through to achieve success.

Peace Hyde, a British Ghanaian TV personality and the host of the flagship Forbes Africa TV show titled, “My Worst Day with Peace Hyde” notes that instead of going the route of envy and comparism, you should ask questions on what you have do differently to achieve success.

The media personality who said this on her Instagram page explains that most of the people we envy are far from what they portray themselves to be.

She said,
I know, I know… EVERYONE looks super happy, crazy rich and EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL on your timeline. You are at home wondering when it will happen to YOU as you patiently wait on YOUR MOMENT! You want to shop until you drop, go overseas and pop bottles too! What are you doing wrong? Allow me to tell you… YOUR TIME LINE is a LIAR! Most of the ones you compare yourself to are FAR from HAPPY, RICH and SUCCESSFUL! You must NEVER compare yourself to ANYONE…. EVER! COMPARISON is the thief of JOY. What you need to ask yourself is…what am I doing DIFFERENTLY to ACHIEVE SUCCESS? What have I SACRIFICED for this SUCCESS? Am I NURTURING my CRAFT and my VISION to BRING this success to FRUITION? Am I PASSING UP on those parties, NOT buying those shoes? What am I CURRENTLY SACRIFICING for this so called success? Do I have any CONCEPT of what SUCCESS IS? It isn’t just about WEALTH, it’s about MATURITY, WISDOM and overall TRUE HAPPINESS. You want it so much but are RELUCTANT to give up even a LITTLE! The only fool proof WAY to achieve success is to SACRIFICE your WANTS and FOCUS on the NEEDS of your SUCCESS! Align that with HARD WORK, PRAYER and boom!!! You will be the richest, happiest and most successful person you know! I BELIEVE in YOU #Faithbuilder, I just want YOU to BELIEVE you can make this happen TOO!…#JustBelieve#MyGamePlan #MyDeclaration#Thankful #Blessed #Faithwalking#TrustTheProcess #WatchGodWork#PutGodFirst #Faithbuilders #Growing#GodIsTheReason #WontHeDoIt#Faithbuilders #KeepGoing#KeepGrowing #StayFocused #Elevation#WithGodAllIsPossible #AimHigherAfrica#PowerInPurpose #PieceOfPeace#lFocus #TheJourney #GodEngineered#HeIsUpToSomething #Kisses

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