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16 Naija Women Tell Us Whether Or Not They Can Date Their Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend


There seems to be a silent  code amongst ladies not to date their friend’s ex. To many, they can’t just do it.

So, we decided to ask to some women if they think it is a no-no.

Below are their responses

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Sebi you call am ex, I go date am.


I can. Although it depends on how they broke up. If he comes to me and I like him, I will date him.


What if God says he is my man? I will date him and if he becomes my ex tomorrow, our third friend can also date him.


I can’t date him because I see my friend as my sister. Since they have shared some things together, like sexual intercourse, it will be stupid of me to date him.


To me, it’s not right or polite. If I see my ex and my friend together, I’ll kill them.


If he can sexually satisfy me, and he’s rich, I’ll date him.


I cannot date my friend’s ex o. in fact, it has happened to me before. My friend’s ex asked me out and I said no. sometime later, I saw them together again. What would have happened to me if I had agreed? Infact, the guy told my friend that he asked me out.


It’s not right. It will look like I’ve been waiting for them to break up.


Yes I can. My friend is not my blood and it is possible my friend does same to me.


Because of the intimacy that exists between my friend and me, I won’t be able to do it as it looks like betrayal


I can’t do it because it feels like taking my friend’s left over.


It’s disrespecting the friendship between my friend and I. it’s insane and I won’t be comfortable with it.


If they don’t have anything together again, I will. What if he’s my husband?


I can’t o, when it’s not like men are scarce


I can’t o because if my friend should date my ex, I’ll assume she has been in love with him even before we broke up.


If she’s really my friend, I can’t. It won’t flow. It simply means we can’t be friends again.


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1 Comment

  1. Robinson Tamunobibibsom Sophia

    Robinson Tamunobibibsom Sophia

    December 20, 2016 at 3:20 pm


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