5 Things Toyo Baby Wants Young Women To Know About Life


Young women today are under immense pressure to conform to societal’s ideals about life, marriage and many other things.

In a recent chat with GEM Magazine, Juliana Olayode, popularly known as Toyo Baby wants young ladies to know these five things that will help them live a more balanced life.

She said

1. I want them to know they are beautiful. Stop beating yourself over the things you don’t have and start loving yourself for everything you have. Whether you believe it or not, somebody somewhere wants to be like you, you are somebody’s prayer point. The earlier you start loving yourself, the better, because you are stuck with your body for life.

2. I hear a lot of Christian ladies say they want to be like the proverbs31 woman or like Esther, Deborah and the likes. These women shouldn’t be your standard, they are women who just lived their lives not knowing that their names or lives will be recorded, and you have all it takes to be better than them. You have the Holy Spirit they didn’t have, you can pray in tongues while they couldn’t. You are under the dispensation of grace. These should make you know that you can be better; you have books and the internet! Yes, they were good women but dare to be like Jesus.

3. You are a POWERFUL and an IMPORTANT CREATURE! God thought He was done after the creation of man until he figured that Adam needs someone and that animals, trees and plants can’t be there for him so he made the woman. Don’t just use the power in your relationship with your husband or fiancée alone but maximizing it. Use it to change the world by embracing people impacting lives and empowering them, praying for them.

4. For those who are still hurting from abuse, please rise above it and move on. God is always ready to bring a message out of a mess if you allow him. As long as you love God, you’ll be fine. If you are in an abusive relationship and don’t know how to break away, receive the strength to and please speak up, talk to somebody, your voice can save you.

5. Please desire and have a relationship with God. God is really all that we need. With him, you can be 100% sure you’ll be fine-maritally, emotionally, financially, academically, in every sphere of your life.



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