5 Things We Should All Be Grateful For This Year



It was barely a few months ago when we said ‘Happy New Year’ to family and friends. It’s just over three weeks left and it will be another new year. Time flies when you’re busy at something you’re excited about but it seems to drag on when your schedule has nothing exciting to look forward to but the daily boring humdrum.

For all of us, it’s been an eventful year getting to feel the rollercoaster effect of the dollar rate impacting on the price of everything. While many were cutting back, some people still went on holidays, paid for their first house or bought their first car.

However 2016 has turned out for you, I hope there’s lots to be grateful for. We are always quick to look at what we didn’t get to achieve and all that’s outstanding but can we just pause at this juncture and look back at all the things we are thankful for in 2016.

Amazing Friends – There are so many people on Planet Earth and we think we’ve met the best people till God sends an angel our way. Many of us have been hurt and are still hurting and have closed our hearts to find real love. Love is found in the unexpected places when you’ve given up on finding a real friend, then you meet someone who just enjoys your company, no strings attached. You wonder where they’ve been all these while. You’re glad for your old friends but aren’t you excited for the new connections you made this year. These new friends being so much joy, hope and healing to your life.

Things We Learnt About Ourselves – Whatever project you’ve been involved in, you have discovered something new about yourself. Maybe it’s your tenacity, patience or your attention to detail. For many years, you thought you couldn’t do a particular thing and you are still surprised you finished that course in photography or fine dining. We never know what our strength or weaknesses are till we go through the process. If life doesn’t throw things at us, we won’t know if we are able to handle them. A few of us took that leap of faith and resigned to start our own businesses, we never knew there was so much courage and resilience in our hearts but we finally did it.

Progress We Made No Matter How Little – as women, we are constantly comparing ourselves with others and competing to make the headlines. The only problem with all that is that we end up living someone else’s life, we never live in our sweet spot doing what we’ve been called to do. Don’t assess your life based on what people think. Aren’t you glad for the progress you’ve made this year no matter how small. You may not have achieved all you wanted to buy you aren’t where you were at the start of 2016. You may not have completed building your house but you’re almost done with roofing and plumbing. You didn’t lose all the weight you wanted to, at least you feel much healthier.

The Gift Of Life – you may not have a lot of savings in 2016 but aren’t glad you are alive. You may have cancelled your vacation plans because you couldn’t afford but aren’t you glad for good health. Many out there have all that this world can offer but don’t have good health and no peace of mind. There are women who have their bath in a golden tub and drink from a golden cup but are unable to enjoy a good night sleep without a pill or a jab. How thankful are you for the opportunity to wake up, run on the treadmill, drink a glass of smoothie, drive out and in, snooze at night and snore off in dreamland all unaided in your right mind.

Hope For The Future – 2017 beckons and the hope for greater things to achieve. Don’t put a limit on yourself, there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you set your mind to. If it wasn’t possible in 2016, let’s strive for excellence next year. It’s another opportunity to try something else or change our approach, let’s not overwork it if we aren’t making progress in a certain direction. Let’s not lose our hope for the future, this year wasn’t particularly great for a lot of businesses but it’s not a time to give up. Who knows what’s in store for next year? Aren’t you grateful you did all you could, you put in your best and there’s still so much potential ahead.


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