5 Ways To Slay When You Have No Bae



Being single can be challenging in a world that seems to put so much importance on marriage. Patricia Bright in her new vlog talks about how young women can make the most of their lives wthether or not they have a bae.

She said,

Struggle of not having a partner for some females is actually a 100 per cent real. I personally I’m not single but I have a lot of single friends close to me, close by me and I have single friends who are doing amazingly and I have single friends who sometimes when I look at them I’m like….

So for accessing the single market out there from the girls and guys, there are couple of things I have noticed that are very important for you to do and I think that’s anyone who wants to be independent

1. Get busy

2.Treat yourself

3. Have goals

4. Avoid bitter people

5. Develop yourself


Watch her discuss these in the video below



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