Chika Ike’s Encounter With A Python Is Truly Frightening


Credit – instagram.com/chikaike

We would also be frightened if we were faced with this situation Chika Ike found herself in with a python! She narrates her experience to Adetutu Audu in an interview with The Nation

She said:

Basically, every job has its own hazards. Acting also has its own challenges too. I have had a lot of experiences. As an actress, you have to be at different locations. I shot a film recently that I was in the forest for seven days. You know the sight of reptiles and animals can be very frightening.

There could be scorpions, monkeys and other dangerous animals hidden in the bush but as an actress, you’ve got to put that behind you and do the job. I just finished a movie recently where I had to pose with a live python. It was the most frightening role I have ever played in recent times. Carrying a python that can turn against you at any moment can be very frightening.

It was frightening; very scary. It took me a while before I could carry it. People were like telling me not to be scared. I was like running away but they kept telling me, ‘Chika, No! No, it won’t attack you.’ Later, I agreed to carry it with one hand but the director insisted I must hang it around my neck. I screamed and screamed, but I finally did it.

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