Dear Precious, We All Shall Not Slay In Our Academics, Instagram Is Where Some Of Us Shall Slay

Credit - instagram.com/preciousben_okoro

Credit – instagram.com/preciousben_okoro

So during the week I read a post about Precious Ben Okoro who graduated from FUTO with first class in Agricultural Economics.

I applaud her; it is not an easy achievement at all.

She posted on her instagram page saying, “And to the pretty girls out there, as you slay on your timeline and IG, you can as well slay in your academics”

Her post reminded me of when I was in University some years ago.

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My parents had made me study a course I was not passionate about, I am not science oriented but they could just not imagine me doing art related courses which was more of where my strength and passion is. I struggled throughout school, it was tough to read and understand, my grades were so poor.

I was one of the olodos in class, I remember some of the effiko girls in class will look down on us like we had no future because our grades were poor, it was even more complicated because I was a very fashionable girl in school. They treated me like a bimbo and shunned me when I asked for help.

After much prayers and the hardest work of my life, I graduated with a third class, and I cannot begin to describe the ridicule I faced.

After chasing jobs up and down to no avail, I settled down to face my true passion which is more of fashion, entertainment etc. It wasn’t easy but I kept at it

Today, I am a slay queen on social media; I make millions because of what my brand has become on social media.

I will not mention my name or brand here to avoid trolling and stuff, ( for the purpose of this post call me Queen Of Slay) but every day I wake up, I thank God for leading me through this path.

Some of the girls who we were doing over sabi in class cannot boast of a tiny percentage of the things I have achieved.

My advice to women is, slay where you are planted. Find out where your strength is and do a damn good job at getting to the top there. We all shall not have first class.

Read Precious Instagram post below,

The dream which started in 2011 is now a reality. Five years ago when I stepped my feet into Federal University of Tech, Owerri I told myself that I must come out as the best and by the Special Grace of Almighty God I came out not only with a First class degree in Agricultural Economics (B.Tech) but as the BEST GRADUATING STUDENT in the Department of Agricultural Economics and the overall BEST IN MY FACULTY SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE AND AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY. A big thank you to my family and friends you all made this possible.

Still on the matter, my joy knows no bound. N.B: Pretty girls are smart too  #firstclassgraduateof FUTO, Only first class in SAAT. Now this is God at work!  And to the pretty girls out there, as you slay on your timeline and IG, you can as well slay in your academics. #girlsmovement










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