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“I Got Denied Access Into “Butholes Restaurant” Because My Hair Was Like This!” – Oluwagbeminiyi



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A young woman was surprisingly prevented from entering a restaurant because she had her natural hair. Apparently someone thought having your natural hair on is inappropriate!

In a post on her instagram page, Oluwagbeminiyi said that she was denied access into a restaurant she chose to call ‘Butholes’ because of her hair. She shared the photo above to show the hairstyle she had on, on the day.

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Read what she wrote;

About a weekago weekago! I got denied access into “Butholes Restaurant” because my hair was like this! .
Guy at the door deemed it too “local” but proceeded to allow 2 weave wearing ladies and 2 other men walk in, while moving me aside with his giant forearm. .
I’ve been through the motions this week… from embarrassment, to anger, to unworthiness to severe self consciousness to complete defiance in changing my hairstyle. .
I say it time and time again, this “self love” thing is a chore, a tiring one. .
Found myself wanting to cover my “glory”. Wore a hat throughout COPA even though I was in the shade for the fear that one security official will impede me from doing my job. .
I wanted a wig for fun the week before the event; but last week, I started to really dream about owning one till I found out the price (Jesos is lord) and decided; self love is harder but cheaper. .
It’s important for me to state, that my hair is natural not because I am a naturalista, but because I love food!

What has food got to do with it? Well when you eat as much as I do, you have the tendency to be obese, when you have the tendency to be obese, you need to work out. When you work out you sweat and I need access to my scalp always. And more importantly, I must eat.

That is the reason why I went to “butholes” in the first place. Food.
I shouldn’t be judged, no one, should be judged because they want to eat…..
Many people have many takes on this. Feminist, Patriotic, Indigenous, black girl magic etc .
My take is Human, that people, all people must be treated with dignity and respect no matter who they are or what their choices are and finally, all human beings must eat.
Ok bye!



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1 Comment

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