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“I Looked Down On Women Who Considered Money An Important Factor In Picking A Partner. I Really Believed Money Was Nothing” – Woman Tweets On The Importance Of Money In Relationships



When we are privileged to have some things in abundance, we tend not to value them, however, life can be so funny that you come back praying for that which you did not value.

A twitter user, Omolola, who was raised in a very comfortable family, did a re-evaluation of her life’s choices especially in regards to money and those who had it.

Now with a different perspective on how money should be seen and treated, Omolola decided to advise women to save and enjoy money while they can.

However, some followers who found her tweets offensive called her husband’s attention to it.

Omolola’s husband, Akin, in a series of tweets defended his wife and explained what she really meant.

Omolola tweeted,

Money in relationships: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! See ehn don’t lie to yourself.

Privilege: enjoy it while you have it. Stop apologising for it, stop fighting it. But don’t be an idiot. Save money while you can.

Travel the world while you can. Fly to Italy for that awesome culinary experience. Enjoy now and save for tomorrow. There was a day I was telling @Mstoluh about my restaurant plans and I said I needed 20M to start off. I am surprised she didn’t laugh.

It was easy to say 20M back then. And in my mind it was feasible. All my savings plus help from my parents. It wasn’t impossible. I absolutely avoided rich men ‘Lola meet so so’s son…. His father is …’ I’ve already left. I didn’t care about how much money a guy had.

I looked down on women who considered money an important factor in picking a partner. I was above that. I really believed money was nothing.

I avoided everywhere Lagos big boys could be found and kept to myself in my estate. ‘I am not about that rich life’ I told myself.

So 2016, I have poured all my savings into a business and a new home. Because I walked away from two good paying jobs. I have to prove to my parents that I can handle things on my own, I can’t share business challenges with them because the next thing is ‘Go back to work!’

Before I didn’t hang out with rich kids because I felt their showy lifestyle was beneath me, now I don’t because I can’t afford to

Last year, someone told me about how he was actively trying to learn to stop praying about money. I couldn’t relate. I am that person now. Sleeping without AC? I will soon get my pro card. Eating whatever is available? That is even if I have time to eat sef.

I don’t regret choosing Akin over the rich men I met, but I now wonder, what if? Marrying rich is not a bad thing. Why was I so against it?

I don’t let Akin do nice things for me anymore. I have become a penny pincher. “Lola, let’s go out.” “starts calculating fuel+food+….”

There are things I need urgently that I can’t have, not because I am being practical or reasonable, but because I can’t afford it. Still my case is better. I had always tried to live a modest life, working hard, saving money when I didn’t have to. If not, I wouldn’t be able to cope now. If not for all my savings, I would have walked away from everything and gone back to the easy road.

Lessons from 2016: respect money, although I wasn’t a spendthrift and I worked and saved money, I didn’t regard money at all.

Akin tweeted,

Okay Akin’s side of the story. @lolaloveandart

I appreciate your concern everyone. #IStandWithAkin folks, thanks a bunch. But I think y’all misunderstood the thread. Maybe you should go back and read it. Especially if you skipped the part where she talked about not regretting choosing me.  She is talking about her attitude to money and how she has learnt and changed. Not engaging in wistful fantasizing.

If she was having second thoughts, there are plenty options. I am aware of them, she still chooses me. It’s not about wishing she were hanging out with rich people, it was about learning not to underestimate money’s value.

It’s about how having a lot can blind you to how difficult not having so much can be. And how easy it is to feel morally superior. To those who understand it..Basically, recession is hitting hard, and being independent is harder than she thought.

Btw, she’s still not interested in those rich guys. Just in case you were about to slide in her Dms …. O gbe for you

Thank you very much. P.S Lola and I are laughing together here. It’s not that serious please.





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