If You Have Ever Had An Unplanned Pregnancy While Broke, You Will So Understand This Hard Choice Regina Chukwu Had To Make


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Yoruba actress Regina Chukwu is celebrating her son, Maduabuchi Nwafor, with the most beautiful message as he clocks 14 years.

The actress who lost her husband not long after getting married has been raising her daughter and son alone.

In a message shared on her Instagram page, Regina wrote:
Ring the bell 🔔 sound the alarm 🚨 for on this very day 14yrs ago a prince was born🎉 Am I going to write an epistle this year AGAIN? Ofcos I will😁This young man here reminds me so much of his late father *mixfeelings*Come with me as I travel down memory lane;

On this faithful day, I walked into my then pastor’s office (I had come for counseling) after exchanging pleasantries, the pastor showed me to a seat N as made to seat comfortably he said nd I quote ‘sister the lord will visit you with a male child soon’ on hearing that my eyes went straight to the calendar that was hung on the wall of his office, and I realised I was 2 weeks late😳there and then, the world around me collapsed, I am supposed to be happy but I was not, why? You do ask….. as at that time, we were living from hand to mouth, my husband was sick and to crown it all Racheal was just like a year. At that spot I decided abortion was the solution but I made sure not to betray my emotion in the presence of our pastor.

I got home and I said to my husband ‘I think I am pregnant’ and like I had envisaged he said it to me point blank ‘we are getting rid of it’ how do we have another child in this condition 😢 I said okay but that the pastor said it’s a male child o and like the typical Igbo man that my husband is now, his face brightened up at the mention of a MALE child, so he said to me ‘chi maybe we should leave it, God will provide’ he was from zero to 100 in less than a min😂 to cut the long story short

Maduabuchi Richard Nwafor came into our lives after nine months and the father left us when he was just 4months (he waited for him) a lot of things happened in that space of 13 months but it’s a story for another day 😉 my son thank God I kept you, you and your sister have been a great source of strength to me this past years. Sunday left me with the most beautiful gift which is the both of you, and I love that you are my kids cos no one understands me like the both of you😍 I pray this will not be your last birthday on earth 🌏 your father died young you will live to be very old🙏🏻 I will never have any cause to cry over U both 🙏🏻 happy birthday son momma loves u scarra N ur sister loves you too



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