If Your Mother Has Never Done One Or Two Of These Things, Then She’s Probably Not Nigerian


Let’s face it, Nigerian mums are a special breed!

Buzzfeed is showing us what it is growing up with a Nigerian mum. Can you relate?

In fact, if your mother has not done one or two things in this video, then she’s probably not Nigerian.

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1 Comment

1 Comment



    December 31, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Lolz…it was not even my mum that poured a cup of extremely cold water on me,it was my Dad.

    I loved sleeping a lot when i was a teenager.
    From bed to the living room for morning devotion na sleep.
    During morning devotion am changing gears already.
    While standing as punishment for sleeping during morning devotion ….am changing gears again.
    Unfortunately and fortunately for me, one day my Dad hid a cup of water in the freezer for me.
    As soon as he noticed i was sleeping while standing again…he poured it on me.

    I screamed ehn and started crying….i was embarrassed. My elder and youngers ones made fun of me.

    Fortunately, since that day you will never find me sleeping during prayers even in church, my eyes will be opened.
    After then my younger ones do sleep off but woe betie me to sleep off.

    I couldn’t.

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