This Is Why Sending Your Child To A Good School Isn’t Enough


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Every mum wants her child excelling beyond what she’s been able to achieve in life and so we find ourselves in a race against time to give our kids all the opportunities we can afford and more. We send them to one of the top schools, sign them up as many extracurricular activities, send them overseas for summer camps or a boarding school in the UK or Kenya, sometimes, against their will.

If they do very well, they make us proud, if they don’t, we wonder where we got it wrong. We are quick to blame the school for not delivering on their promises after we spent so much of our hard-earned cash for tuition and upkeep.
The four main factors that determines whether your child will excel at school are:

Your Child’s Talent And Enthusiasm To Learn – Every child is different. Even kids from the same family have unique gifts and talents and it’s a mum’s role to discover and encourage the child to succeed. The mum spends more time with her kids so she might see what her spouse may not see but it’s not an excuse to let the dad’s go scot free. Some children are academically gifted, others are sports oriented while others have a musical ear. Invest in your child’s talent. Don’t beat them up if they can’t solve algorithms and don’t buy so many sports apparels when they have no enthusiasm or stamina to pursue any sport. It will be all regrets to see your child join a cast at Hollywood after they graduate from a Ivy-League school. If you don’t spend quality time with children, you won’t know their strengths and weaknesses. It’s tough but don’t compare your kids with your friends’ kids, they all have their different purpose in life.

A Talented And Supportive Teacher – Some teachers are gifted and have a natural talent to work with kids helping them to be all they should become. Other teachers are trained and may or may not do as well as teachers who have a raw talent. A few have sneaked into the teaching profession as a result of a poor economy, with no talent or training, leaving your kids with these teachers is a big risk and down payment for failure in life. You need to pray for your children’s teachers. Teachers are like farmers, they are capable of sowing seeds of greatness in your children or they can discourage and your children will lose all enthusiasm to learn or excel. The regular teacher looks out for the average child and might have no plan for kids in either extremes of the learning spectrum. So, if your child has learning disabilities or is gifted, the teacher may not be maximising her potentials. Your child may be gifted but like you, if her teacher is unable to identify your child’s unique talent and harness it, your child may remain just an average performer.

Your Emotional And Spiritual Support – A parent’s emotional and spiritual support can’t be overemphasized. In our fast-paced world with hectic deadlines and schedules, many mums are caught up in the rat race and have little or no time to spend with their children. You can’t delegate your core responsibilities to your nanny and driver. If your nanny is responsible for your child’s homework, you may have succeeded in short-changing your kids by lowering the standards. A child’s best coach and mentor is her parent. The teachers can do so much but your voice above the others may be the driving force in your children to excel or fail in life. Our kids need more of our presence than our presents. Never let your child go to school each day without a prayer and a blessing over their lives. If your child is struggling at school, don’t make them feel they have failed, they need your patience to walk with them through this rough patch.

The School’s Educational System – In recent times, there is a fierce competition among the private and independent schools. Every school covets the top spot so they continue to do all they can woo parents to invest in their schools. Some schools are based on the Montessori curriculum, others pride themselves in the British or American standards, sadly, but looks like no one believes the Nigerian curriculum any more. Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s best suited for your child and you are achieving their goals academically, spiritually and socially. You don’t want to send your child to a particular school because your friends’ kids are there or its it’s the most prestigious school in town but because it’s the right match for them. It’s never too late to move your child to another school, stay in touch with your child’s development and know when it’s time to move on.

So, before you stump into the school’s office next time, it may be best to step back and pause for a moment and ask if the other parts of the puzzle may be responsible for your child’s inability to make the honour roll.

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1 Comment

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