This Is Why You Should Choose To Resign Than Wait To Be Told It’s Time To Leave


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I had a long discourse with my girlfriends and we didn’t seem to come to an agreeable conclusion about this delicate topic. We all had evidences of different people who had been impacted by either option and I thought I’d share our conversation with you.

Resigning is deliberate, you don’t wait till you’re given the choice of a pay cut or you’re asked to go. Your mind is prepared, you definitely have your plans laid out on what you’ll do when you leave and you get to choose your resignation date. You know it’s that time to move on when the tell-tale signs are obvious.The whole process is completely your choice.

Retirement on the other hand, isn’t completely your choice. Your due-date is fixed determined by your age or your years of service. Even if you desired to go on working, the clock is counting down anyways. Many hope that, in the last few years before they retire, they would begin some business of sorts but never get around to it and it becomes a race against time to save as much as they can for the rainy day.
This is why you should choose to resign a bit earlier than wait to retire:

No Longer Competitive – After working for a certain number of years, you no longer feel like a fresh hand, there are so many new hires with better skills almost at par with your many years of experience. You know you are no longer indispensable and the risk of being sacked increases with each appraisal period. You no longer feel competitive and may not be hired by any blue-chip company. All around the world, the great legends we respect retire at the peak of their career, they don’t wait till we have lost our interest in their game so we still remain their fans years after they bowed out.

Pursue A Purpose – Many times we find out that we are just working to pay bills and not really enjoying our jobs. We may even enjoy our jobs but still have a passion for something else that is much bigger than a 9-5 job. We’ve seen lawyers become gourmet cooks, doctors write bestsellers while engineers conduct concerts. They enjoyed their jobs, they made good money and earned the admiration of others but they dreamt of a sweet spot that would bring more pleasure than what money could buy. The discussion around retirement shouldn’t be limited to the payment of pensions or the numerous visits to the doctors but still making your life count when youn you’re old and grey.

Less of A Shock – Resigning gives you some control. You decide most of the conditions; when to leave, you can negotiate your benefits, you have an idea of what next. It’s a step change leaving a paid job to starting out on your own but you can finally determine what to do. Your mind’s ready for the change in routine, schedule or maybe a pay cut. You know why you are resigning and where you’re headed. Unlike resigning, being asked to go or waiting for retirement is more of a shock you’ll have to deal with. Many times, with no concrete plans in place you are left with little or no options on what next to do.

Happier And A Positive Outlook – you had a goal in mind when you decided to resign, you worked towards it and the plans are unfolding. You are excited and look forward to much more exciting news on the new adventure you’ve taken. Many who retire and aren’t engaged in anything they are passionate about live a boring life. We are all hunters, we wake up each day to pursue something and add value to our community.Does your occupation just occupy your time or are you busy doing what you’ve been called to do? It’s possible that when you retire, you’re forced into a ‘maintenance’ mode with no allowance for growth or adventure. When there’s nothing to look forward to, depression and aggressive aging set in.
A Healthier Lifestyle – Many women dream about retirement and how they will finally have the time to do all they want to do. They do not realise that unless they stay fit, their energy will wane as they age. There are things on your bucket list you wish you had the time and energy to do now but you are unable to because of your 9-5 or rather your 5-9 job. As long as you work for someone, you don’t have control over your time. If you resign earlier, you can finally have a good night sleep, workout every morning, learn a new sport or language, travel around the world or whatever you fancy now you’ve all the time.
When you’re much older, you’ll be glad you took the risk to resign a few years earlier instead of regretting you never had the time to do what you really wanted to. The choice is yours.

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