When People Poke Their Noses Into How And When You Chose To Have Children, This Is How To Shut Them Up!



As long as celebrities are in the limelight, they will always be under public scrutiny.

Adaeze Yobo, the wife of footballer, Joseph Yobo, posted a picture of her and her friends with her baby bump in full glare.

Shockingly, a fan under the comment section attacked her and asked why she had to be pregnant again.

How can you ask a married woman why she is pregnant with her third child?

Read their conversation below,

· Iam_judith22 U are pregnant again…ha my bad,i 4got u are housewife…

· chiefadaezeyobo@fineamy whats wrong with being pregnant with my 3rd child in almost 7years of marriage? you look depressed and tired from your d.p worry about your life Ma. ☺

· iam_judith22 4th child jare….that last boy is not even 2yrs yet lol not ur fault….housewife

· iam_judith22@the_commentsection tell her to b useful after this last one haba…@chiefadaezeyobo b useful

· chiefadaezeyobo@fineamy not my fault Ma, it’s the grace of God. Cldnt have done it on my own. You still look depressed with the new dp. I see you quickly changed it but the truth is your ugliness is from the inside not the outside. Remain blessed and I pray God grants your wish of just having one child in 7years of your marriage whenever you decide to go further in life.

· iam_judith22Wit all this grammar just b useful in this marriage instead of gettin pregnant evry year….@chiefadaezeyobooya go and commit suicide

· iam_judith22@chinnysblog help me tell this woman to b useful in her marriage haba,she is getting pregnant evry year abi nah competition…

chiefadaezeyobo@fineamy, im very useful Ma, that’s why I’m popping babies anyhow. But God is aware of your worry concerning me and he will do it at his time probably before I get pregnant “again” with the 4th baby😝 you tried it Ma, but in vain. Try John 16:33 it will help with your depression. Fighting a random pregnant woman or anybody online can never fill the void in your life. ❤

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