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10 Women Share The Most Embarrassing Things That Has Happened To Them



A twitter user,  asked her followers the most embarrassing things that have happened to them. This question got a lot of hilarious and ‘are you serious’ responses.

We decided to bring you 10 of some of these funny responses from women.

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Below are their responses

becky_b ‏@ebymoses89 

The day my ex boyfriend called me to call his new girlfriend and explain to her that we are just friends

WeAreOnlyGals ‏@_moqute001  

Was on my period $took a bike,got down to pay $ d seat was all stained, d look on his face, mhen I threw d money @him $ ran away

Lesego Ngakane ‏@MissLesN 

I asked my ex why he hasn’t called, he said his phone doesn’t inspire him to buy airtime…in front of his friends and my pals

Motun  ‏@motunnrayor  

The day my waist beads (ileke idi) scatter in a commercial bus

Kamz ‏@Ogechukwukama_  

I brought a boy to my house, dad came back and locked us inside and threatened to call police… Left us in dere til mum got bk

Barbecue ‏@theiluno  

Fell flat on my face from an escalator on a date with my crush

mohtoh ‏@Mohtohsin  

My boyfriend after doing my roommate came back 2 apologize and somehow slipped and said she is damn good to think I was a virgin

Ella Osifo ‏@Ella_Osifo  

I went 2 d bathroom 2 pee,i finished n didnt realise i tucked d back of my skirt in2 my pantie,d world saw my pantie dat day

Eyon SOLID STAR @0m0toke

Saw my bf driving out of ICM with a lady, I knocked the window, he whined down and he said, “sorry I don’t have change”

Eve @iiv_lyn

NYSC camp, way to mammy. I farted with earpiece in my ear and a soldier actually tapped me on my shoulder “why you dey disgrace yourself?”





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