4 Other Parts Of The Body That Can Also Swell When A Woman Is Pregnant


While expecting a child is one of the happiest moments of many women’s lives, pregnancy comes with a lot of changes to a woman’s body, the most noticeable changes are the swollen parts of the body.

According to experts, during pregnancy, the body can produce approximately 50% more blood and body fluids to meet the needs of the developing child. This and some other factors can be responsible for the swellings.

The most common and visible ones are – Tummy, Nose, Face, Feet and Breasts

However, there are other places that swell in the body of a pregnant woman that are not easily noticeable.



Although, this is not common to all pregnant women, some women experience lip swelling. However, it’s nothing to worry about if it’s not painful.


Some pregnant women experience tender gums that bleed when they brush.


During pregnancy, the body produces more blood because of the baby. This puts pressure on the veins especially the legs, thereby causing it to swell.


As the baby gets bigger and delivery time gets closer, some women may experience swelling in the vagina area.





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