5 Thought-Provoking Ways To Know If You Are A Cheerful Giver



Many times when we don’t have, we make a silent promise to ourselves that when we have, we’ll give all we can to help those who aren’t as privileged as we are. Over the years our attitude to giving changes. When we expect something from someone and don’t get it, we think the other person is stingy but when it’s our turn to step up to the plate to help others, we say they are demanding.

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Giving has nothing to do with how much we have. We have seen affluent and wealthy women deny their domestic staff their meagre pay and those we thought were rich are behind on their financial commitments. In fact, many wealthy folks consider how hard they have worked for their cash and think those who haven’t worked as hard don’t deserve any piece of the pie.

Giving is sacrificial. If it doesn’t cost you, the cause is not worth it. Many times, if we do not see any benefits we would derive by giving our time, effort or cash, we retreat. Maybe this could be the reason there aren’t as many charities or non-profits organizations because we are constantly checking out what’s in it for us.

Are you a generous giver or a stingy miser, find out:

Do you collect every single change on every transaction: It was a shock to see a lady in big black SUV stop to buy some fruits along the road. The issue wasn’t that she was buying anything on the road but the fact that she collected a N20 note from the fruit seller and sped off. I thought this was really awful, she could have easily left that change with the lady that but she chose not. It’s such an irony that those who blink with expensive jewelry, clothes and cars will require a bargain from those who have next to nothing.

Do You Struggle To Give To People Who You Think Don’t Deserve Your Favor: Whatever we are or what we have acquired is because of the grace of God. There are people smarter than you but don’t have the privileges you do. When someone asks for a favor, they may not deserve it but will you show them the same favor you received from God? If you struggle to give to people who you think don’t deserve it, you are indirectly saying you deserve what you have.

Do You Spend All You Earn On Yourself And Your Family: We live in a selfish world where our plans and ambitions are centered around ourselves and our families. There’s just a handful of women who have a line item on their monthly budget for the less privileged. All you need is a trip downtown to convince yourself that life is tough for so many and much worse now with the recession. If all your needs were met, what else would you be living for?. Let’s spread out tentacles and be a blessing to others.

Would You Consider Raising Funds For A Friend’s Emergency Even If You Couldn’t Afford It: Many times we see a desperate call for help for someone in dire need of an organ transplant, the amount is a lot more than we can afford and so we quickly delete that email or skip the page in the newspaper. Would you consider raising funds even if you can’t afford it. No matter how small you donate, it’s the thought and commitment to save a life that matters. What if it was your child or a close relative, would your attitude be any different?

Do You Receive More Than You Give: Life is full of different relationships, sometimes we are at the receiving end, other times we are giving to support others. Whether its cash or kind, always being demanding and depending on everyone else for handouts isn’t the best. Sometimes some people take advantage of others and keep asking for help even if they have. Even though you want to be generous, you also don’t want to be God to anyone and encourage laziness. It’s sad when those who have depended on others for so long do nothing to help others when they are now in a position to.

If your answers to any of the above questions is yes, it’s time to break away from a miserly attitude and become a generous giver in 2017.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ebioney Jerome

    Ebioney Jerome

    January 4, 2017 at 10:44 am

    That first line is what I’m particular about.
    That the truth…

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