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7 Naija Women Tell Us Their Worst Tailor Experiences



“Haaa…I fit sew am now. Dem just cut am like this, come put this one here” a naija tailor will tell you, describing the style you intend to sew, to show you she can sew it.

From disappointing customers by not making your cloth ready for collection on the day they promised , to sewing a different style from what you chose, some naija tailors have a reputation for making their customers unhappy.

We asked 7 naija women their worst tailor experiences and below are their responses.


It was my immediate elder sister’s wedding and I gave my tailor the material to sew for me. Because of the new cloth, I asked her not to sew the previous ones I had with her. In fact, I paid her cash for all the clothes so that there won’t be any excuse from my part.

With an assurance that the cloth was going to be ready the day before my sister’s wedding, I left for home. Only to get there on the said day and my material was there sitting and staring at me. I was mad but there was nothing I could do.

She begged me and promised to bring the cloth 8am to my house the next day, which was the wedding day. I waited and called this woman till 9am the next day. Angrily, I left for her shop, only to find her still sewing the cloth. I felt like beating her but after much pleading and rushing, she finished sewing and by the time I got to church, the service was almost over.


If I don’t tell my tailor the exact day I need my cloth, she won’t sew it. Even if the cloth stays in her shop for years, you will meet it the way you took it there. Sadly, she’s never sorry or sober for disappointing you. Her excuse is always that she had so much to do.

Tell her to sew off-shoulder, she will sew round neck and when you complain to her, she will tell you the cloth is nice on you.


My dad was going to have his retirement thanksgiving, so I got some nice material and took it to the tailor, only for her to sew an entirely different style. In fact, the cloth was big, making me look round in it. Unfortunately, I collected the cloth a day before D-day, so there was no time for adjustment. Throughout that day I was unhappy and I didn’t even snap a picture to tell you how bad the cloth was.


I change my tailors because they just don’t satisfy me. My tailors can be sentimental. When I give them a style to sew, they’ll tell me, “You know you are slim, your cloth should be big. You know you are growing older; there are some clothes you shouldn’t wear. You know you can’t wear this when you get married.” And I’m like, ‘who is paying for the cloth?’ I have had tailors buy my materials back or I leave it for them.


If my zip is not bulging, the length of my skirt will not be equal. There must be something to amend. I once gave a tailor my cloth and my breast was not going in and I was like,’ didn’t you take my measurement?’


I gave about 11 fabrics to a tailor that was prescribed to me. According to the person who told me about the tailor, she can sew very well. I went back on the day I was to collect the clothes and I was shocked at the outcome, some of the materials which were chiffon were torn.

In fact, she changed the style of a cloth because she felt the material will be good for another style she chose for me. I was so mad that I made her pay for all my materials.


I gave my cloth to a tailor and told her I needed it on a particular day for an outing and she charged me more for it. I got to her shop the day I needed it and she was nowhere to be found. I had to put on another cloth for the outing.

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