“Fame Is Good, Money Is Good…But Sometimes You Get Tired Of It” – Stella Damasus Speaks On Why Celebrities Get Depressed



In this video, Stella Damasus talks about people suffering from loneliness or depression, especially the rich, using celebrities as examples.

According to her, many of the celebrities who have lost their lives to drugs or committed suicide lacked friends who are real and can talk to them.

Stella explains that many people do not understand how it feels to always be in the limelight. She says that celebrities get tired of it because of all the negativity they face from the press and social media and sometimes wish they could change their jobs with people who have regular 9-5 jobs.

For a celebrity that you think doesn’t need anything because they have it all, you would be surprised that a word of encouragement would go a long way, she said.

You can watch the video here







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