I Was Forced Into Marriage Three Times, And Had A Child With Each Husband – Boko Haram Victim Recounts



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“If you were alive I would never leave you. I have no choice, please forgive me,” Amina, a victim of terrorist group Boko Haram told her baby who died while escaping from the terrorists’ camp.

Kidnapped at 15, Amina had the chance to escape five years later but while on the run, her 28 days-old sick baby died and she left the body at the foot of a tree.

In a chat with the Mirror, Amina said she was forced into marriage three times, and had a child with each husband.

Although she was never forced to carry bomb, Amina says she knows girls who did.

“One told me she had been told to carry a bomb to a market, I told her ‘Run away, think of the elderly, the children you would kill’. And she did.”

Recalling how she was kidnapped, Amina said she was visiting her elder sister in her home town of Baga when a car stopped and ten Boko Haram fighters jumped out.

When she protested, she was beaten till she became unconscious and when she regained her consciousness; she was in the Sambisa forest in the midst of other 200 women.

Amina was forced into marriage with a 40-year-old bully, who was married to two women before her.

According to her, she was often beaten by them without being given food.

Repeatedly raped by her husband, Amina got pregnant within a couple of months.

Sadly, four days after the birth of her son, her husband was killed and then she was forced to remarry.

The second man was 50 and would beat and lock her up whenever she refuses sex. Again, she fell pregnant.

Seven months into her pregnancy, this man was killed in a village attack.

yet to recover from the birth of that pregnancy, she was forced to marry another man in his late forties and she got pregnant again.

The opportunity to escape came when her husband got into a fight with another terrorist. This gave her the time to flee as the community was distracted.

Running through the forest for five days, Amina  believes her baby died of starvation as she had no breast milk to give.

When she reached a roadside, she begged strangers for help and was reunited with her family.

“I don’t want to marry again, I want to be alone and with my children,” she said.




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